The Five Best Phrases to Use in Social Media Posts



Social media marketing requires rigorous attention to detail, constant creativity, and skill in both wording and analytics. When businesses start to let their social media campaigns slip, they lose customers, reputation, and potential sales. Keep your social media posts fresh by using the right phrases and words to draw in customers.

The goal of any social media marketing post is rarely to make a direct sale – it is to build engagement and enhance your brand. When writing posts, make sure they add value to your followers’ experience. These words will help you create more focused posts that benefit both sides. Always remember to follow impactful posts with an attached photo or link for even more impact.

1. “You” and “Free”

No surprise, the words “You” and “Free” were some of the most common retweeted words in 2012. People like getting something for free, even if it is only information. Retweets are based on many factories, including follower interest and how many contests businesses run, but you should be able to increase your viral marketing by using more “free” talk in your posts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to start giving away all your products. Contests based on retweets, while potentially effective, can come across as tricky and manipulative. As a general rule, remember that including “You” in a post engages the audience more effectively, while using “Free” offers them real value without cost. This value could be information, advice, news, product samples…and in some cases, contest winnings.

2. “Post” or “Comment”

Believe it or not, if you ask your audience directly to comment on your post or repost it, followers will step forward to do just that. Sometimes, all your fans are waiting for is a request from you, the business representative, to give their opinion or spread the word. Social network users are famous for their willingness to say what they think. Including cues like “Comment” or “Like” can open the floodgates. More comments and Likes means that your post stays active longer and is more visible to the masses, so do not be afraid to give your fans a push out the door.

3. Your Brand Name

Social media is certainly supposed to be a conversation, but some businesses take too many steps across the line and forget to mention their brands at all. Check your posts and watch out for words like “we,” “us,” and “our.” See these words as danger signs, warnings that you should be using a brand name or product name instead of vague pluralities. Use the proper name of the company, or say “we at _____” to give your posts more punch. It may not have a direct impact, but the more viewers see your brand name, the more they will remember it and associate it with your products or services.

4. “How to” or “Solve”

One of the best ways to give value is to help customers solve their problems. Phrases like “How to” and “Solve _____ problems” indicate that potentially useful information is upcoming. This captures viewer interest and leads to follow-through, especially if you provide a guide or tips. For short posts you could include a single tip, ingredient, or method. For a full guide, use a link to a blog or other site. This will raise brand awareness even if your brand is not mentioned.

5. Popular Quotes

Use analytics software like TweetLevel or a similar tool to search the Twitterverse for the popularity phrases and names. If specific phrases are currently popular, do not be afraid to use them yourself, incorporating them along with your business message. Quotes from popular figures, hashtags, and topic phrases all fall in this category. Stay timely by tapping into the latest buzz.



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