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Why the TB Blood Test is The Most Accurate!


If you have ever had surgery, then you have most probably had a TB skin test. The kind of TB test where they put some TB protein under your skin on your forearm and you watch for a raised lump. It lets the Dr.’s know if you have ever been exposed to TB. However, the TB Blood Test is much more accurate and I’ll tell you why.

When you get the TB skin test it can result in a false positive especially when you have previously had a TB vaccination. It’s been around for 110 years and everything needs to be updated to a more reliable test like the TB Blood Test.


 The TB blood test allows you to get accurate results in just one visit leading to meaningful benefits – more ease, more time, more certainty.


Now that the school year has just started, you don’t want to fill your mind with worries about whether the TB skin test is going to be negative or positive. With the TB Blood Test, you know it will be accurate and reliable.

When I was going for surgery one year, they performed the TB skin test and told me to watch for a raised bump. I watched and worried because it was starting to raise. However, in my case, it was raising from me scratching at it. It was so itchy that I couldn’t stop scratching. With the TB Blood Test, you don’t have that problem.

The TB Blood Test is the only test with completely objective results.

By using the TB blood test you get:

  •  The most accurate test for TB infection – no cross reaction with a previous TB vaccination.
  •  Only a 3ml draw of fresh blood – irrespective/regardless of patient age/immune status.
  •  The convenience for you and your patient of just 1 visit.


Have you ever had a false positive TB skin test?


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Topic: Why the TB Blood Test is The Most Accurate!