Smiley Cookie Halloween Cookies #Review



Halloween Cookies are the last thing I need on my Weight Watchers.  But I can never resist a cookie, especially good cookies.  Sweets are definitely my downfall.

I recently had the opportunity to review Halloween cookies from Smiley Cookies.  When they arrived they were very well packaged.  They were in a box inside a box.  The box itself is so cute, full of smiley faces.

Isn’t it cute?  Inside the box was a bag of cookies wrapped in bubble wrap.  I have gotten cookies in the mail from my son and they are usually all cracked and broken no matter how well he wrapped them.   These were wrapped so well, they were all intact.

Inside all that wrapping was a bag full of smiley face cookies.

My husband and I tried one and they are the kinda treat where they say bet you can’t eat just one.  And you know what?  You can’t.  We had a couple then I forced my husband to close the bag and put them away.  You can’t eat the whole bag in one sitting, although we probably could have.  Later that day my sister in law and niece came over so as much as I didn’t want to we had to share.  They were enjoying them as much as we were.  They are a good size so it’s not like you pop the whole thing in your mouth in one shot.  They are more like a shortbread cookie than a sugar cookie.  They are not overly sweet even with the frosting.  If they were, I would have never ate them.

Here we are all enjoying our smiley cookies!  If you look closely, you will notice that someone got caught with more than one in their hand!

Do you think we enjoyed the cookies?  They were gone before the end of the night.   I wasn’t even sure how many came in the bag because we ate them so quickly, but I just checked and there were 18 cookies 2.5 inches big.

If you are looking for some other Halloween Treats, they have mini Halloween cookies that are perfect for the kids halloween parties.  They also have many other Halloween Gifts available on their site for you to check out.

Baked fresh by the light of the full moon with a witch’s pinch of magic and painfully pure ingredients, then costumed with a pumpkin orange icing base and hand-iced in Jack o’ Lantern orange with a ghastly green, toothsome smile, these 2-1/2-inch Halloween Smileys are the ideal size for classrooms, parties and for establishing your house as the ultimate cool stop on the block.


What I like about them is that you can buy them individually wrapped, along with nut free, Kosher and under 100 calories per cookie.  With all the allergies kids have these days, you want to feel comfortable sending your child to school or handing out something with those qualities just in case there is that one kid in the classroom allergic to nuts.


Right now they have a special going on when you order any unwrapped Halloween Cookie Gift you can get 10% off by using the coupon code “BLOG10” at checkout.  Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page and upload your photo of you and your cookies.  They also have cookies for all occasions so you can purchase them all year long.


My rating for Smiley Cookie Halloween Cookies is 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.


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