Hot Toy of the Year ~ The Amazing Zhus ~ #TheAmazingZhus @amazingzhus

The Amazing Zhus stunt pets perform astounding acrobatics and gravity defying stunts offering hours of play keeping kids busy. 2014 Top Holiday Toys list!

Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game #Review #Giveaway (ends 3/18)

Players race, relay-style, to stack and serve the pile of pancakes that matches their menu cards
Fun and physical. Pancake Pile-Up is a great energy outlet!

TogetherBox ~ Brings your Family Together! #Review

TogetherBox was created to make family together time easy. When you sign up, everything you need to have hours of family fun will land on your doorstep every month.

Flashlight Friends ~ Never Alone in the Dark #Review #FlashlightFriends

Flashlight Friends are cuddly, fun, super soft, cute flashlights in stuffed animals. Flashlight Friends can be used as night lights, for traveling, reading, playing games or pretty much whatever you want to use them for.

Budsies ~ Bring Your Child’s Artwork to Life! #Review

Budsies are custom-made stuffed animal from the child’s drawing: no pre-made patterns, just creativity & love.

The Beatrix Girls ~ Ainsley #Review

The Beatrix Girls is a line of collectible dolls — they’re musicians, they’re dolls, they’re role models for a new generation of empowered young girls, with great clothes, fabulous hair, and original pop music developed by platinum-winning songwriters and producers.

Wigglo™ Pets ~ Cutest Toy for the Holidays #Review #Sponsor

Wigglo™ Pets are soft, soothing and make great friends. They are wonderful sticking stuffers, and Maya is hoping to get a review before the holidays so parents will know that they are available as stocking stuffers.

VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase #Review

The VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase encourages language development through numbers, songs, and multi-language greetings. Moving suitcase design, sliders, and shape sorters develop motor skills.

Make them Move with Magic Moves Electronic Wand #Review #Sponsor

The Magic Moves Electronic Wand has ninety fun, physical commands, twinkling light shows, and 26 musical styles to get your little one moving.

Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House #Review #Sponsored

Polly and her kitty cat can ride in the basket lift, slide down the slide, ride the zip line or play hide-and-seek with the trap door. And when they get tired, they can pop into their cozy sleeping bags to rest.