Litter One box Kitty Litter #Review

The Litter One box is 100% biodegradable, totally disposable and completely self contained. The pine pellets keep the litter box smelling fresh and clean with no chemicals, no additives and no artificial fragrances.

If I Should Die Before My Dog Book #Review #Sponsor

A thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog. This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the “story” of their dogs life, for their pets “Next Guardian”.

Litter Getter ~ Litter box attractant with odor control! #Review #Sponsor

Litter Getter Attract problem cats back to the litter box, Assist in training kittens, Reduce unpleasant litter box odor, Comfy for cats with sensitive paws, Clumps with all clumping litter.

Petbrosia ~ Pet Food Custom Designed For Each Pet #Review

Petbrosia custom designs the food specific to your pet. You create a profile, put in your pets breed, age and weight and it will get you the food you need.

ToughHound – All Sports Dog Collar

ToughHound ~ Personalized All Sports Dog Collar   The Toughhound personalized collar was provided as a review sample and is available for purchase at the  dog bark collar  store. I have been saying, pretty much forever because Chalupa is 13 years old now, that I need to get a collar with our information on it.  She is a Siberian Husky […]

PSCPets Dog Joint Support! #Review #Sponsor

Keep your fur baby’s joints supple with PSCPets Dog Joint Support!   Dogs are like people, they can have the same ailments that we have, including arthritis.  I always thought living in NY, our dogs were destined to get it because of the cold weather.  So when we moved to Florida, I though they would […]

Top Tips For Moving With Pets

    Pets, whether they are cats, dogs, monkeys or even fish, are considered members of our family. This is why when the family has to move, it is not a question of “if” but more of “how” they will be moved, and of course, they require extra care and effort in your province to […]

PawStick for my Puppies Paws #Review

Pawstick is made with natural moisturizing ingredients coconut oil, beeswax, and mango seed butter to protect your pet’s paws from drying out and chapping.

iPad Mini Husky Case from @CafePress

              Remember a few weeks ago, I had the giveaway for the CafePress Gift Certificate?  Well, I just have to show you the cute items I ordered from them.  Now obviously Huskies aren’t the only thing they carry.  They also carry personalized gifts that I also got a couple of.  I will […]

@ShedMonster Pet Brush #Review

          I have a Siberian Husky who never stops shedding.  I have tried every kind of dog brush available.  And so far, there is nothing that reduces the amount of fur that we have throughout our house.  We have to vacuum daily and when we go in the car, oh boy. […]