Chuckit! Ultra Sling #Review @PetmateProducts

Dogs love to fetch, it’s just part of their natural instinct, so why not give them something fun to fetch? Like the Chuckit! Ultra Sling! It’s small enough that we can take it with us when we travel and can shoot short or long distances.

Dog Whistle for Teaching Commands #Review #petvitalix @PetVitalix

Harley knows the basic commands like sit, shake and down. But that’s about it. What I wanted the dog whistle for is to get her to stop eating everything in sight and to stop chasing cars.

VersaVia Car Seat Cover Review #VersaVia

The VersaVia Car Seat Cover is made of “life proof” material & has a fitted skirt that measures 54 inches that fits around the seat and fits most vehicles.

Harley Loves Surprises Every Month with BarkBox ®! #BarkBoxDay #ad @BarkBox

#BarkBoxDay #ad With new toys and treats each month, BarkBox ® is the way to go. A monthly subscription box that arrives at your door every month is the perfect way to honor your dog.

Waggin’ Tails Dog Supplements #Review

We are trying to do everything right since we got Harley. Our other dogs were overweight. When offered to try the Waggin’ Tails Dog Supplements I said sure.

Hamilton Adjustable Dog Collar #Review #Hamilton

#Hamilton The adjustable dog collar is made of durable nylon. We ordered the large size for dogs with an 18 to 26 inch neck and she has plenty of room to grow.

Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash #Review #hamiltonpet

#hamiltonpet When walking the dog at night, we use the Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash in order to be seen in the dark. There is no doubt that cars will see us.

FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit #Review #FurBuddyPetBrushKit

#FurBuddyPetBrushKit I like that the pet grooming kit has a non slip handle with 3 interchangeable brushes. Slicker Brush, Pin & Bristle Brush, & Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool.

Dancing Pet Ear Wash for Dogs and Cats #Review #dancingpet

#dancingpet Do your pet’s ears stink? Is there a wax buildup? Are there mites in their ears? Or are they just plain dirty? Then you need Dancing Pet Ear Wash for dogs and cats!

Bugsy’s Box – Pet Toys and Treats Monthly! #BugsysBox

#BugsysBox Some people think that if they buy their pet toys it will keep them busy forever. But that is farthest from the truth. Pets lose their interest in toys just like kids do. So it’s important to keep them entertained in order to decrease their boredom and keep them from damaging things. And the way to do that is with Bugsy’s Box!