Miele Vacuum cleaners #Review

      I have a Siberian Husky, so that means I need a good vacuum cleaner.  I don’t want to be buying a new vacuum every other year.  I decided to buy a vacuum that was going to last me a really long time.  And that would be a Miele Vacuum cleaner.  My mother has […]

Ology Products from Walgreens #Review

          I try to buy as many  products without chemicals as possible.  Walgreen’s announces the launch of “Ology™” the first nationally accessible and affordable brand formulated to be free of harmful chemicals.  They have quite a few products like Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and so much more. […]

#Purex plus Oxi Clean #Review

        I was given the opportunity to review Purex plus Oxi Clean and I fell in love with the stuff.  When we travel, we cover the seats in the car with sheets for the dog.  Well, last time, I have no idea what I was thinking but I used my white flannel […]

#Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner to the Rescue! #Review

    @BonaBuzz  @xxplumcrazeexx  #Review  #Giveaway  #Win  #Free  #Clean  #Wood       While at SheCon 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Heather from Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners.  I have been searching for over 2 years now for an easy way to clean my hardwood floors.  Yeah, the floor manufacturer says you have to […]

#SoftScrub Total #Review

      #SoftScrub, #Review, #Giveaway, #Win, #Free, @xxplumcrazeexx       When I was younger I used to clean houses.  I have tried all types of household cleaners that there were.  The worst part was the bathrooms.  I could never find anything to get all the soap scum off.  I was ecstatic when I […]

#Combat Ant Kill #Review

      Living in Florida we have many different types of ants.  And they are not the easiest bug to get rid of.  Even though we have the exterminator come once a year, there are always ants around especially out by the pool area.  It seems that where ever you have pavers, there are […]

Greased Lightning #Review

  #GreasedLightning, @xxplumcrazeexx, #Review, #Giveaway, #Win, #Free, #PitchList   It’s kind of funny that my husband was just asking me the other day what can he clean the grill with.  And then Fedex came with Greased Lightning.  What a coincidence that was.