Glade Expressions® OPEN UP AND INVITE LIFE IN™     I love Glade, so when offered to review two of their newest products, I said yes.  I had the chance to review the Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist and the Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser. The Glade Expressions® Collection is inspired by art and designed to be left out on display. These […]

Kabooti Seat Cushion #Review

    Kabooti Seat Cushion For Comfort where ever you sit!   A Kabooti Seat Cushion???  I was just saying to my husband a couple weeks ago that I have no place comfortable to sit.  Let’s face it, I’m a blogger who is on the computer almost all day.  That means I do the majority […]

Taking Pictures of Hydroponics

    Growing with hydroponics and capturing pictures with the plants is quite easy once you’ve gotten every one of the supplies and photography equipment down! Get some good great photography reflectors and also other gear from Although it is very important to get cheap supplies for hydroponics (so you don’t break the bank), […]

Picture Frame Collage #Review

    Picture Frame Collage for all your picture’s!   I love displaying pictures of my family and especially my grandchildren.   The problem is, I never seem to have enough picture frames.  I don’t have a lot of wall space so I wanted to group them together as a picture frame collage.  I figured […]

Leisure Time Spa Chemicals #Review

Leisure Time Spa Chemicals ~ All you need on one box!   Taking care of a spa doesn’t have to be difficult.  With Leisure Time you get everything you need to keep your spa clear all in one box. I chose the  Leisure Time Complete Spa Care Kit – Free because I have very sensitive skin. […]

Zuvo Makes Our Water Drinkable #Review

        Zuvo Water Filtration System, 300 Series If you have ever visited Florida then you must know how bad our water tastes.  There is something about it that makes it undrinkable.  The first time I tasted it, I spit it all out. Yuck!  We have been buying bottled water but that gets […]

In Loving Memory #Review

    I’m sure that if you follow my blog, you will know that this month was the 20 year Anniversary of my fathers death.  It was also his birthday month.  I was honored to be able to review an In Loving Memory  Custom Car or Wall Vinyl Decal Stickers from Vinyl Disorder. I had […]

Miele Vacuum cleaners #Review

      I have a Siberian Husky, so that means I need a good vacuum cleaner.  I don’t want to be buying a new vacuum every other year.  I decided to buy a vacuum that was going to last me a really long time.  And that would be a Miele Vacuum cleaner.  My mother has […]

Designerliners Biodegradable Wastebasket Bags #Review

    When it comes to decorating my home, I want it to look good from head to toe so to speak.  What I mean is, I like everything to match and look good.  My husband is a neat freak.  He shakes out the floor mat in the car when I get out each and […]

Small Gardenia Bonsai Tree #Review

      So, I have always wanted  a Bonsai Tree but I was afraid of it because I don’t have a green thumb.  While searching the Internet for information on them, I came across The Soothing Company.  The Soothing Company offers hundreds of soothing products for your home and office on their website.   Everything […]