EatSmart Precision 550 Extra Wide Digital Scale #Review

With it’s large 3.7 inch lighted LED display, the digital scale is easy to read day or night. It has a glass base & a platform that resists fingerprints.

Essential Oil Diffuser #Review #AromaDiffuser

I received the Oak Leaf Essential Oil Diffuser and I was surprised at the size of it. It’s about the size of a salad bowl…no kidding!

Family Fun with the help of Poise! #LBL #MyPoiseMoment #ad

#MyPoiseMoment #ad Don’t you just hate it when you some light bladder leakage? I sure do. No need to worry anymore with the help of Poise Liners from Sam’s Club!

NewEar Hearing Aid Amplifier Ear ITC #Review

NewEar Hearing Aid Amplifier ITC is the revolutionary sound amplification system that is affordable and discreet. Lightweight and compact, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Whether you’re in the theater, watching TV, listening to soft music or just having a quiet conversation, you will hear loud and clear.

Amwell ~ A Doctor Visit Without Leaving Your Home!

I had used Amwell online Dr. service once before and was satifsfied with it, so I figured why not. I have been having a lot of sinus pressure lately.

Sharpen Your Mind and Keep Your Heart Healthy with Ubera!

Ubera has three plant based herbs which include Hawthorn, Ginkgo, and Kudzu. They are natural and that is always better than anything else. Ubera helps to promote healthy blood pressure, support heart health and improve memory.

Protect Your Ears with Gunblock Folding Earmuffs #Review #FSLGunblockEarDefenders

There are many reasons that you would need a set of Earmuffs. For instance, maybe you are going hunting this fall season for turkey or deer.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer – Keep Track of the Entire Family! @kinsa #KinsaSmartThermometer

Any mom with a smart phone will love this easy-to-use and convenient device that helps keep family illness in check. The Kinsa Thermometer plugs right into your phone and takes the temperature right from the phone, just plug it in and then take the temperature.

Homemade Bug Bite Remedy in Elegant Frosted Roller Bottle #RollerBottle2PM

There is nothing worse than having a bite that won’t stop itching. Then you scratch until you bleed & it still itches. Here is a homemade bug bite remedy.

Doctor on Demand: 10 Perils of Summer #ad

#ad There are times when you need a Doctor but you don’t need to go to the Doctor! I hope that made sense to you because if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. And for those times, you need a Doctor on Demand!