Getting Through the Day with LivRelief & Coupon! #TryLivRelief

LivRelief help bypass many of the negative side effects associated with oral medication & can be used in conjunction or replace, oral pain medication.

Depend FIT-FLEX for Those LBL Moments! #EveryMomentMatters ad #IC

Depend FIT-FLEX feel like underwear, look like underwear & allow you to move about freely without a restricted feeling. LBL affects 65 million men & women.

Amwell Online Health Care! #MomsLoveAmwell #ad

Between my health problems and the medications that I take, even something as simple as a scratchy throat and dripping in my throat, can throw me off by not knowing what is safe for me to take. Thank goodness for Amwell Online Health Care. It’s where I can see a doctor online without leaving my house.

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Depend FIT-FLEX helps me to get back to doing what I love because every moment matters. They stretch so you feel comfortable wearing them. #EveryMomentMatters ad #IC

Babiators Sunglasses – Protection When It Matters Most! @Babiators #babiators

Babiators sunglasses offer UVA & UVB protection & undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for your child – on their face or end up in their mouth.

Lotus Yoga Wheel Review

Originally developed in Asia, the lotus yoga wheel has become the wheel of choice for yoga instructors and elite athletes worldwide.

Ease Back Pain with Cush Comfort Seat Cushion Review

The Cush Comfort Seat Cushion is deeply contoured to fit snuggly against your butt. Made of soft velour and machine washable with no chemicals or fillers.

MeasuPro Non Contact Thermometer Review

The all new MeasuPro Non-Contact Forehead and Surface Thermometer has been designed to give accurate and reliable readings in a matter of seconds. This digital thermometer is FDA approved and safe to use on the whole family along with a variety of surfaces.

Max Crack Foot Creme for Those Troublesome Areas! #ZimsCrackCreme @zimsusa

The thing about the Max Crack Foot Creme original formula is that it’s not even a cream. It’s an oil that gets absorbed into the skin in order to heal it. The daily cream is an actual cream.

Tips for Surviving Cold and Flu Season! #SickJustGotReal

#SickJustGotReal Cold and Flu season is upon us and I have to say that whenever I am around my grandkids, I always get sick! I don’t like to see the kids sick but it’s inevitable especially when they bring it home from daycare, Sunday School, and gymnastics. However, we can make them feel better and get through it with some help.