Zamzee Gets You Moving! #Review

  Zamzee gets you moving and makes it fun.  What is a Zamzee? It’s a new type of game that uses an activity monitor to measure movement.  It has a website that goes along with it, where you can do challenges and earn Zamz and get rewards.  Now Zamzee was meant for kids, to help […]

Aurorae Yoga Northern Lights Yoga Mat #Review

      As most of you know and maybe I don’t, I started my weight loss and fitness program with the New Year.  I am trying to get into some form of exercise like yoga that won’t impact my knees and back too much.  I normally exercise in the pool but since it’s a […]

Just received my PV Body Fit Box! Yay!

    So, I’m sure you have heard me talk about PV Body and the 30 Day Fitness Challenge, well I just got my first Fit Box in and I love the clothes.  A Fit Box is a Personalized 2 piece outfit you will receive every month for just $49.95. I received a cardio top […]