@DaddyScrubs What Daddy Duck Loves & Rubber Duck #Review & #Giveaway (ends 2/21)

  I had the opportunity to review  What Daddy Duck Loves + Rubber Duck by DaddyScrubs.  A couple months ago I reviewed some Daddy Scrubs and love the idea that these items represent.  To me, I think the dad’s are always forgotten about when a child is born, but thanks to Daddy Scrubs, they are […]

Thyme Maternity Yoga Pants #Review

              I have to say that maternity clothes have a come a really long way since I was pregnant with my kids.  My kids are 29 and 33.  They have the cutest clothes available and everyday they are expanding more and more. While shopping with my daughter in law […]

Ology Products from Walgreens #Review

          I try to buy as many  products without chemicals as possible.  Walgreen’s announces the launch of “Ology™” the first nationally accessible and affordable brand formulated to be free of harmful chemicals.  They have quite a few products like Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and so much more. […]

@StorkStack #Review

    @StorkStack  #Review  #Christmas  #HolidayGiftGuide  #PlumCrazee     Stork Stack has joined our Holiday Gift Guide 2012.  Thank you for being a sponsor. Have you heard of Stork Stack?  Well, I haven’t either up until now that is.  I was recently given the opportunity to receive a Stork Stack.  Sometimes when you have friends […]

Binki Bear #Review

      @theBinkiBear  #Review  #PlumCrazee  #Christmas       Binki Bear has joined our Holiday Gift Guide 2012.  Thank you for being a sponsor. Every child loves their binki but sometimes it’s a little annoying when it keeps falling on the floor, then you have to clean it especially if you have pets.  But […]

Zooper Stomp Umbrella Stroller #Review

    @Zooper  #Review  #Christmas #HolidayGiftGuide  #Stroller  #PlumCrazee     Zooper has joined our Holiday Gift Guide 2012!  Thank you for being a sponsor. The Zooper Stomp Umbrella Stroller is a very lightweight stroller that has a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder when your hands are full with your kids and […]

Little Star Lullabies #Review

    Sometimes a little instrumental music helps to put the baby to sleep.  That’s why when asked to review Little Star Lullabies by Vaughan Jones, Relaxing Instrumental Music to Help Babies and Children Sleep  I said yes. Aubrey is my newest grandchild and she is very colicky.  They have tried everything to get her to […]

Maty’s All Natural Baby Products #Review

            Cold and Flu season is here.  And everyone is sick including the baby.  Aubrey has Brochitis, an Ear Infection and a horrible cough. I believe in natural products and I just actually found out that the old brand of Vapor Rub stuff is no good for you anymore.  Maty’s […]

#Zoobies #Review

    @zoobiepets #Review #Giveaway  #Win  #Free #PlumCrazee  #Christmas       Zoobies has joined in the Christmas 2012 Gift Guide.  Yay.  Thank you Zoobies for being a sponsor.  This is our first giveaway in a series of  25 days of Christmas. Do you know what Zoobies are?  I didn’t.  My grandson had this animal […]

Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil #Review

  @Baby_Magic  @xxplumcrazeexx  #Review  #Giveaway  #Win  #Free  #PlumCrazee     Just because it’s called Baby Oil doesn’t mean it’s only for babies.  I used to use regular baby oil all the time on my skin and it way to oily and slippery.  I have alligator skin especially when I get out of the pool. I […]