Weight Watchers Blueberry Sauce with Wymans Blueberries ~ 0 PP

When you are watching your weight, you always look for ways where you can save calories (even in WW Blueberry Sauce made with Wymans of Maine Blueberries) and Kiva Organic Stevia is one of those ways. I admit that I have a sweet tooth and even though I am watching my intake, there are those times when I just have to have something sweet. And yes, even with breakfast.

Weight Watchers Crepes ~ 2 PP

Each Weight Watchers crepe is 2 Points Plus and I usually will have 2. They are fairly sweet so you don’t need to add any syrup. As pictured, they are 5 PP.

Top 5 Diet Desserts

      Top 5 Diet Desserts When people go on a diet, dessert is usually first thing to get the cut. However, with these easy, quick and healthy dessert recipes, you can have your cake and eat it too—even while on a diet. With fruit as the centerpiece to most of these recipes, the […]