Strawberry Pretzel Pie ~ Day 9 #ValentinesDesserts

This strawberry pretzel pie is a healthier alternative to regular pies and it is easier to make, too! This strawberry pretzel pie recipe was created by combining my favorite parts of two of my childhood desserts. I also tried to make them healthier. I think the result is an easy, delicious healthier treat. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Valentine’s Candy Bark ~ Day 8 #ValentinesDesserts

Candy bark is such an easy treat to make. Whether you need to whip up a quick dessert for a class or office party or you just want to let the kids get creative in the kitchen, a bark recipe is the way to go. This pretty pink Valentine’s Candy Bark is chock full of goodies — white chocolate, M&Ms and red sugar. Yum!

Red Hot Love Cake ~ Day 6 #ValentinesDesserts

Half way through our 12 Days of Valentine’s Desserts with Red Hot Love Cake! I am looking forward to trying all 12 desserts but can’t decide which one to try first. Check them all out and come back and let me know if you make any of them.

Easy Peasy Red Velvet Fudge ~ Day 5 #ValentinesDesserts

I can’t believe we are almost half way through our 12 Days of Valentine’s Desserts with Easy Peasy Red Velvet Fudge. They all sound so good and this sure ain’t no way to stick to a diet! Don’t know which one to try first or second or third…..

Sundrop Cake ~ Day 4 #ValentinesDesserts

During our 12 days of Valentine’s desserts we are all making and baking a yummy decadent treat. Dina over at My UnEntitled Life has a great recipe to share today on her blog. You have to check it out. She’s made a moist delicious cake using a favorite drink!

Strawberry Mocha Delight ~ Day 3 #ValentinesDesserts

When you mix chocolate and strawberries you get a delicious dessert, but add in coffee and you’ve got a heavenly oh-so-delightful treat! This Strawberry Mocha Delight dessert is a delicious treat for anytime of the year, but we think it would make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles ~ Day 2 #ValentinesDesserts

Welcome to day 2 of our 12 Days of Valentine’s Desserts with Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles. Who doesn’t love cheesecake? My mouth is just watering thinking about them. Be sure to come back and see what we have in store for you tomorrow.

Valentine Blondies ~ Day 1 #ValentinesDesserts

We are back with our 12 Days of Valentine’s Desserts just like we did with the 12 Days of Christmas Desserts. There will be lots of chocolate, red, and even some wine desserts. Join us for all 12 days and you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection.

12 Days of Christmas Dessert Recipe Roundup! #ChristmasDesserts

At the beginning of the month, we got together with a group of bloggers and did 12 days of Christmas desserts. This is a roundup post of all of them to make it easy to find all in one post.

Simple Semi-Homemade Sugar Cookies And Frosting #ChristmasDesserts Day 12

Cookies, cookies, cookies! That’s all we think about when the holidays come to our house! The kids and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but sometimes we need a simple semi-homemade recipe that’s easy, especially for last minute gifts or school parties. We make simple Semi-Homemade Sugar Cookies with Frosting to save us time throughout the holiday season!