Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party

Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party!


Your baby’s first birthday party will only arrive once, and there’s a good chance that you’ve spent at least a few months thinking about the perfect celebration. Before you start doing too much planning, though, you may want to consider three main areas.

The Timing

There are two main considerations when it comes to timing your child’s first birthday party. First, you need to consider the time of day you intend to have your child’s party. It’s best to work around the typical nap schedule. This can be a bit tough if your child is still napping twice a day, but the simple truth is that avoiding those naps is only going to mean chaos at the party. See if you can sneak it in between or after those naps so you have a happy toddler during the party. The second consideration with timing is how long the party actually lasts. As exciting as the party may be for you, baby is going to get tired of it quite soon. Don’t plan to have the party last any longer than an hour or two at the most. Baby will be ready to rest soon after that much excitement.


Your baby’s first birthday party will only arrive once,there’s a good chance that you’ve spent at least a few months thinking about the perfect celebration.

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The Theme

It can be tempting to come up with an elaborate theme for your baby’s first birthday party, but it doesn’t have to be complex. Something as simple as the number one can serve as your theme. Choose a color that you like, then go with banners, balloons, and more all sporting the number one. If you want to go with a more complex theme, remember that it’s your child’s birthday party, so go with an easy one like ABC’s or Peter Rabbit. You don’t have to go with a flashy character theme. There will be plenty of opportunities to do that as your child grows.

The Food

Food is key to a great party, but your child probably can’t eat most of what you’ll be serving, so think first about your guests as you plan your menu. Will you be having mostly adults at your child’s first birthday or will there be lots of kids on your list too? If you’re having a nice mix of both, plan for both kinds of tastes. If you’re having primarily adults, don’t hesitate to grill steak and shrimp. With kids, throw a few hot dogs on that list too. Keep in mind that you don’t have to serve a meal to have a good party. You can simply have finger foods and cake. It’s also essential to note that your baby’s doctor may not be ready for your little one to eat traditional cake yet, as it does contain eggs, and many little ones are egg free until well after their first birthday. Talk to your child’s doctor about what kind of cake to serve before the party.

Remember the trick to any first birthday party is to keep things as simple as possible. One year olds are still babies. They’re easily overwhelmed, so as much as you want to celebrate this exciting milestone, it’s best to keep things easy going and flexible.


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  1. samantha s says:

    That is so true. Keeping everything simple for baby’s first birthday is less stressful on the family and the baby. You can still have lots of fun without all the frills.