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Do you search the internet?  Most people do…on a daily basis.  I couldn’t live without the internet.  Whenever, I need to know something, I search for it.  So why not earn gift cards and stuff for doing it with Perk?  Makes sense to me.

I just came across  The best part about it is that it’s available for iPhone and iPad, Android along with a desktop version.  And it’s all free!  I started using it recently and I have already earned quite a few points.  You know you are going to be shopping more now with Christmas coming.  I can always use gift cards and they make great gifts too.

Perk rewards you with points for everyday online activity.  Search, shop or share the Perk browser and earn rewards like cash, gift cards, airline miles and more.  You get a 100 points just for signing up.



There are several other similar companies that offer basically the same thing, but they don’t offer cash as a reward.  And the other companies don’t offer an iPad and iPhone app.

Perk rewards you for doing what you already do online. Simply download our apps or our free browser and use them to earn points when you shop, search, and share stuff with your friends.

We make it easy to earn and even easier to turn your points into cash, gift cards, airline miles and more. Perk is also super fast, secure, and reliable.

Perk is everything you love about the web, plus Awesome.

The points add up pretty quickly too.  You can get things like a $50 Groupon Gift Card for only 5500 points and a $25 Starbucks Gift Card for 2750 points.

Why not give it a shot?  You have nothing to lose and even more to gain.  You can follow along on their blog to learn about specials and new items.

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