I and Love and You Cat Food! Wholesome Food for Your Pet! #MyILYPet @ILYPET

#MyILYPet #ad I have had a cat for almost my entire life. I love cats! In our house, our pets are not just pets…they are part of our family. So naturally, we want to feed them good food! Not just any cat food, but wholesome pet food. Food that you would want to eat. I and Love and You pet food. Yeah, it has a funny name but they love it.

Choosing the Right Dog Food! #NaturesRecipe @NaturesRecipe @PetSmart

#NaturesRecipe #ad Bringing a furry friend with four paws into your home can be a joyous occasion for many. That means that you will be responsible for their well being in terms of health and companionship. Taking them to vet for regular checkups and shots, giving them plenty of exercise and feeding them the right dog food.

4LoveDogs Stainless Steel Dog Bowls #Review #zitriom

With Harley turning one a couple weeks ago, it was time to upgrade her dog bowls. After all, we had been using the same bowls since the day we got her…40 lbs ago! She quadrupled in size and we needed to do the same with her dog bowls. Luckily, I received the 4LoveDogs Stainless Steel Dog Bowls to review.

Elimay Pain Care All Natural #Review

Dogs commonly suffer from various arthritic conditions, including joint pain, back pain, chronic limping, and a variety of other muscle and tendon problems. Elimay Pain Care may be used as a joint support formula for such conditions.

Happy 1st Birthday Harley! #PedigreeGives #ad

PedigreeGives #ad Harley came from a puppy mill and has issues from being over bread but we figured we could work with her and overcome them.

4 Considerations Before Leaving Your Dog Behind

Your canine is a life form that needs attention and care as any human would. In many situations, you won’t be able to take your pet with you on vacations or business trips. While you may have a plan for your neighbor to stop by for regular feeding, your dog needs more care than a five minute tussle of the fur every day. Before packing your bags to go on that luxurious vacation, consider what needs to be done for your fury friend.

People Can’t Believe The Odd Things I Did To My Dogs!

I can still remember the first time I saw one…I thought it was odd…very odd! I didn’t realize it wasn’t that odd until I wanted to do it my dogs! I heard on the radio one day that 1 in a million people will do it their dog at some time or another.

Chuckit! Ultra Sling #Review @PetmateProducts

Dogs love to fetch, it’s just part of their natural instinct, so why not give them something fun to fetch? Like the Chuckit! Ultra Sling! It’s small enough that we can take it with us when we travel and can shoot short or long distances.

Dog Whistle for Teaching Commands #Review #petvitalix @PetVitalix

Harley knows the basic commands like sit, shake and down. But that’s about it. What I wanted the dog whistle for is to get her to stop eating everything in sight and to stop chasing cars.

Harley Loves Surprises Every Month with BarkBox ®! #BarkBoxDay #ad @BarkBox

#BarkBoxDay #ad With new toys and treats each month, BarkBox ® is the way to go. A monthly subscription box that arrives at your door every month is the perfect way to honor your dog.