Train your Dog with Electronic Dog Collars

  Electronic Dog Collars ~ The easy way to train your dog!   If you love your dog, consider using electronic training collars to achieve obedience from him or her. It is one of the easiest methods for obtaining a great bond between you and your dog because over time, the stimulation you give your […]

Your Best Friend isn’t Always a Puppy: Adopting an Adult Dog.

  Your Best Friend isn’t Always a Puppy   Most people interested in adopting a dog are thinking of a puppy or at least a very young dog. In fact that’s the majority of dogs adopted from shelters and the only kind of dog available from pet stores and most breeders. But is a puppy […]

Tips To Remember When Flying With Pets

  Tips To Remember When Flying With Pets   Rover. Polly. Garfield. Whiskers. Fluffy … Dave? Pets nowadays are welcomed as a part of many families all over the world. In some cultures, animals are worshipped, in others they help in a variety of work, but one thing that cannot be argued is the loyalty […]

PSCPets Dog Joint Support! #Review #Sponsor

Keep your fur baby’s joints supple with PSCPets Dog Joint Support!   Dogs are like people, they can have the same ailments that we have, including arthritis.  I always thought living in NY, our dogs were destined to get it because of the cold weather.  So when we moved to Florida, I though they would […]

4 Tips On Helping Your Pets Get Along

If you have more than one pet, you know that it can be difficult at times to get them to get along. Every pet has their own unique personality, and these personalities can vary from pet to pet, causing tension. But having multiple pets in your home doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through […]

How To Treat Flea And Tick Bites

      When you see your beloved pet infested with ticks and fleas, you’d really feel sorry for it. But then, you should also think about how the minute pests can affect your family’s health. No, don’t get too alarmed because these pests prefer animals and they don’t live on human skin. However, they […]

Pet Food Stamps!

  Do you have trouble feeding your pets? Do you know someone who does? Are you short on money to buy their food? Maybe you would like to make a donation? How about Pet Food Stamps?   I just heard about this and I think it’s an awesome idea!  There are so many pets that […]

Homemade Dog Food: The Complete, Balanced And Preservative Free Dog Diet

  Nutrition is the most important health concern for canines and many pet owners heavily rely on commercial dog food to complete their pet’s diet. Canines are just like humans that need a healthy and well balanced daily diet that is rich in nutrients to assist in development and cell repair. When these nutrients are […]

K9-Rx: Nutrition Supplement For Dogs

    K9-Rx: Nutrition Supplement For Dogs   I bet you are thinking it’s some sort of prescription product for your dog, right?  Not even close.  K9-Rx: Nutrition Supplement For Dogs is a Human Grade, high quality nutritional supplement for dogs.  Watch their video on Indiegogo.   You love your dog, don’t you?  I don’t know about […]

A House is not a Home without a Dog!

  How My Dog Makes a Difference in Our Family!   I was recently asked that question and they should have asked “how not having a dog would make a difference in our family”!   I have partnered with Dog Fence DIY, the most affordable resource for wireless dog fencing, to bring you the answer to […]