ökocat™ Natural Cat Litter Review #ad @Rufus_okocat

#ad @Rufus_okocat ökocat™ Natural Cat Litter is made from 100% wood or paper fiber and is available in five different kinds. It’s biodegradable and Flushable.

7 Telltale Signs That Prove You’re An Online Shopping Geek!

It’s a well-known fact that online shopping is a “thing” and has been for quite some time. You can buy just about anything on the Web these days, and you can even do so using your mobile phone.

Chalupa’s Last Day ~ 3 Years Ago Today! RIP

We were in Chicago for BlogHer ’13 and it started out like any other day. I was getting ready for BlogHer and was going to help my husband take her out to go to the bathroom. We had arrived the day before and we were all tired. Chalupa was 13 and a half and car trips had recently started to take a toll on her.

Tips for Curing Dog Anxiety! @CalmzPet

Calmz Anxiety Relief System is the wearable solution to dog anxiety. 8 preprogrammed options of vibration intensity levels, duration & cycle variations.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial #FiftyFlowers #Sunflower #Wedding @FiftyFlowerscom ad

FiftyFlowers are wholesale flowers and have every kind of flower you are looking for for your event. I made a Sunflower Wreath and wedding corsage.

How Groupon is Becoming a One Stop Shop

How Groupon is Becoming a One Stop Shop!   Most of you have probably heard of the deal site, Groupon. It’s a great website for finding discounts on popular restaurants, events, products, and services. The local commerce site launched a new program for businesses called Pages. It’s similar to Yelp, in which customers can post […]

American Flag Mason Jars Craft Day 10 #12DaysOf

American Flag Mason Jars Craft!   Welcome to day 10 of our 12 Days of Summer Recipes and Crafts. Today we have Flag Mason Jars to share with you that are easy and fun to display! Memorial Day is just around the corner and then we have 4th of July and Labor Day! It’s time […]

Your Guide To Preparing Your Home For A New Puppy

A pup is a joyous addition to just about any home. If you’re able to provide a caring and loving environment for it, you’ll have a constant companion for years to come. But it’s not entirely a picnic. You’re responsible for looking after your pup and it can be work.

DIY Mother’s Day Scented Candle With Your Childs Artwork Day 12 #12DaysOf

Today’s idea is DIY Mother’s Day Scented Candle With Your Childs Artwork. This is a really fun idea to display a child’s artwork and add a lovely scent to any candle.

St Francis of Assisi Enameled Dog Medal with Capsule of Assisi Soil #Review

On the front of the tag is St. Frances of Assisi kneeling down and giving his blessing to a dog. He is the Saint of all animals. On the backside is a small capsule filled with the soil from the ground of the Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Frances is buried in a crypt built under the Basilica.