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rabbit repellent


Natural Rabbit Repellent

Taking care of a garden not only means providing for the plants with nutrients and water but also keeping harmful animals away as well. Rabbits love to nibble on vegetables and if they get into your garden they can destroy it in just a matter of hours. All that hard work could mean nothing without a little help from the best natural rabbit repellent. At Repellex there are the best rabbit repellents available that can be used in the garden or yard in order to keep them away. These repellents will not harm the plants either as they are made from organic materials. Simply apply the substance and you will not have to worry about rabbits destroying your garden again.

There are different types of repellent to choose from to keep animals from destroying your garden. The newest way to repel rabbits is through the use of tablets. By using these in the soil of your garden the hot pepper extract will be held within the plant cells. Thus it will make the plants in the area desired inedible to animals. There is no more worrying about having to spray each and every plant or vegetable as they will be grown with these chemicals. The tablets also typically last a whole growing season so you don’t have to worry about them once it is already in effect.

The other treatment available is a topical repellent that is spray able. Simply spray this type of repellent on to the plants and it will coat the leaves and the stems of the plants making them inedible to animals. It is made of dried blood meal which gives off a predator scent which will keep herbivores like rabbits or deer away from your plants. Also, there is garlic and essential oils in the mix which animals hate the taste of. This is one of the best selling repellents for a reason.

There are many different methods of keeping rabbits away but the best natural animal repellent for gardens found here will keep all types of animals away. It is as simple as planting tablets into a garden before growing or spraying the repellent on to the plants. Either way rabbits or other herbivores will have to stay away from your garden or yard which will keep it healthy all year round.


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Topic: rabbit repellent

rabbit repellent


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about repelling rabbits, but it’s good to know there is something available if needed. Thanks for sharing.