Mara’s Pasta Review

Mara’s Whole Wheat Pasta Review.


I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do a review on Mara’s Pasta.  You can see all the products on the Mara’s Pasta Homepage.

When I received the box it was very nicely packaged.  I was all excited because I tried whole wheat pasta once before and was never really impressed so I just gave up on it.  My husband didn’t care for it either.



The first thing I made was the spaghetti.  I figured I would just make it normal with spaghetti sauce and not tell my husband what kind it was so that I could see if he was going to eat it.  It is a little on the sweeter side and I thought it tasted pretty good.  My husband asked me if I switched my brand of pasta because it tasted better than normal. Now I knew I was on to something.  I still didn’t tell him it was whole wheat pasta.

The next thing I made was the elbow noodles.  I switched it up a bit and made something out of the box.  Let’s just say we are creatures of habit.  I  am not a big fan of change.  And since I am always trying to lose weight I figured something with just vegetables instead of sauce would be worth the try.

I made the elbow noodles and mixed them with a package of Green Giant Valley  Fresh Steamers (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in butter sauce), and threw in a can of tuna.  It was absolutely fabulous.  My husband even enjoyed it.

It was then that I broke the news to him that it was whole wheat pasta.  He said it had a little sweeter taste than our normal pasta and he actually thought that it tasted better.   Things like that don’t normally happen around our house.



Now tell me, does that not look appetizing and filling?   I still haven’t used the linguine but I am 100 % sure that it will be as good as the other 2.

I read on  Mara’s Pasta Website that carbohydrates provide the body with the fuel it needs for physical activity and for proper organ function.

Good, complex carbohydrates are unprocessed or minimally processed and are in their natural state, or as close to their natural state as possible. They deliver essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and a host of important phytonutrients.

Easily digested refined (or “bad”) carbohydrates from white bread, white rice and other refined grains, pastries, sugared sodas, and other highly processed foods may contribute to weight gain, interfere with weight loss, and promote diabetes and heart disease.

One serving of Mara’s Pasta contains over 25% of your daily-recommended fiber requirements.

Mara’s Pasta is the ideal solution for distance runners and athletes alike, particularly before the big event. With its high fiber and protein content, blood sugar remains stable,  muscles’ glycogen stores increase and performance is enhanced.

My rating for this review is  5/5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

So, whenever you are ready to give it  a try you can check out online if it is available in your area or you can order from Mara’s Pasta Online Store.

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  1. Betsy Barnes says:

    The Rafflecopter entry to vote for you on “We’re on the Fence” does not register the vote. I clicked the widget on the blog and it worked, so I voted for you that way.

  2. Betsy Barnes says:

    I would most like to try the Mara’s penne pasta 🙂

  3. anne hill says:

    i would most like to try the bow-tie pasta