Annual Costs of Pets

    The annual cost of owning a pet is something most people don’t think about when getting a pet.  Below you will see the average costs of owning a pet, but there are also some things that you don’t think about.  One of them is what if they have something wrong and need medication? […]

Tips to Save Money when Buying Hydroponics Equipment

      Hydroponics is the best way to grow your own plants anytime during the year in controlled environment. However, it can be costly especially if you want to have a decent sized garden. But you won’t have to break the bank to get started with hydroponics. We are providing few tips that can […]

Auto Maintenance Basics That You Should Know Before Buying A Car

      So, your mom and dad bought you a new car for your birthday? That’s amazing! It’s really great to drive around in your own vehicle. You have more freedom, and you don’t have to wait for the bus or train to school. You’ll surely be the envy of everyone who has to […]

Healthy Smoothies 2013

    Getting the right amount of physical movement is the best method of improving one’s health ( walking, swimming, and/or spinning). But for too many workaholics, the gym is simply not an option unless it has a cubicle next to the incline bar. So for those of us married to our careers and not […]

Don’t be a Victim! Identity Theft and the Internet

Don’t be a Victim! Identity Theft and the Internet! The Internet is a place of incredible opportunity. Unfortunately, opportunity is a two way street. For every good and honest individual using it with good intentions, there’s another prepared to use it for more malevolent goals. These nefarious people are identity thieves. And, unfortunately, they’ve found […]

Winter Bird Feeders for Kids to Make

      Bird feeders are fun for kids to make during winter months. Not only do they get to have fun making them, they get to enjoy watching the birds come and feed at the bird feeders they have created. Depending on where you live, you might get lucky and get a blue jay […]

Radu – A Man’s Best Friend

    Radu, a Golden Retriever, turned out for me to be the embodiment of the phrase “A Man’s Best Friend”. My wife rescued him from a flea market when he was only 10 weeks old. His owner was willing to sell the pup for $10 USD, because Radu suffered from severe hip dysplasia. We […]

Fruit in Your Healthy Five Meal a Day Plan

   Most nutritionists will tell you “small meals” all day long. Most nutritionists will also tell you those small meals should consist of a fruit, a veggie, protein, a carb and always washed down with plenty of liquid. The liquid is very important in the end which we will detail at the “end” of this […]

Infographic ~ Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

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Happy 1st Birthday Earl

      Today is not only Groundhog Day but it is also my grandson’s Earl’s 1st Birthday.  I can’t believe that a year has gone by already, it seems like just yesterday he was born. I would like to share some pictures from the past year with you.           Happy […]