Message In A Bottle

    Message in a Bottle Invitations!   I love things that are different.  As you know, I am planning ahead for my grand kids birthdays.  I have come across a neat and unique idea for message in a bottle invitations.  I just love them! You can purchase the bottles from to make your […]

5 Common Mistakes We Make Before Bed

How often do you wake up in the morning and look at the clock thinking “wow, it’s already time to get up?” It’s okay, it happens to almost all of us, but some more frequently than others. If you’re stumped in terms of why you never seem to feel refreshed when you wake up, there […]

Five Cost-Effective Landscaping Ideas

In the past, you should expect to pay around 5%-15% of your real estate value on landscaping. Even if your home falls at the low end of the real estate price range, you will still spend thousands of dollars just to get the beautiful, lush lawn you want. But with today’s economic condition, it is […]

Basic Guide To Choosing Health Insurance

    Choosing the right type of health insurance plan can be very challenging and intimidating, especially since the terms used are usually unfamiliar and confusing. The pressure of choosing the best type of insurance plan can also add to the challenge. After all, health care is something we all need. Without a health insurance […]

The Soul in Coping with Death

    The Soul in Coping with Death It was in high school that I experienced the death of someone close to me for the first time. My grandfather, whom I was pretty close with, passed away from cancer. It was tough coping with his loss, and perhaps tougher trying to be strong for my […]

Pitfalls To Avoid When Proposing

Survey results reveal that 60% of women feel that it is important for the prospective husband to ask the girl’s parents for their blessing before proposing.

Don’t Fall For A Car With Flood Damage

Sometimes bad things happen for no reason. Hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina swoop into an area and all of the sudden hundreds of thousands of lives are completely changed. In the wake of the destruction, a wave of flood damaged cars get auctioned off to enterprising souls who plan on giving them a superficial clean […]

Improving Your Confidence By Improving Your Smile

  Improving Your Confidence By Improving Your Smile     People judge you based on your confidence level. An open smile that shows lots of teeth is interpreted as winning. A closed mouth with just the curve of the lips is less honest. A smile is a large part of what drives that feeling of […]

Happy Birthday Jason!

      Happy Birthday to my son, Jason!   It’s hard to believe that 34 years ago today, I gave birth to my oldest son, Jason.  April Fools is what everyone thought when I said it’s time to go.  But it was no joke.  He was 3 and half weeks late.  Back then, they […]

Easter Traditions

Memories of my favorite Easter Traditions! Some of my favorite Easter Traditions are from when I was little.  The one that stays in my mind the most is when we would go and get our Easter baskets blessed at church. I think it’s a Polish Catholic tradition because I don’t know anyone else in our […]