Bag Essentials for a Day at the Park! #SeizeYourPoiseMoment ad

#SeizeYourPoiseMoment ad We must be prepared for a day at the park with a few bag essentials. I keep a grab and go bag so when they get bored and it’s a nice day we can…you guessed it…grab and go!

Dropping the Habit: Alternatives to Smoking

You’ve decided to quit smoking. You’re tired of paying for cigarettes, it’s ruining your health & the smell can never seem to get out of your clothes.

ABLE United has launched in Florida! #ABLEUnited #ad

#ABLEUnited #ad ABLE United is like a Roth IRA or College Savings Plan.It allows you to save money tax free for the future & build assets without affecting SSI or Medicaid.

Should you see a prenatal genetic counselor?

Prenatal genetic counselors are medical professionals who provide others with information on genetic disorders and birth defects.

Preventing Ear Infections in Children

Middle ear infections also called acute otitis media are particularly common in young children. 75% of children will have at least one infection by age 3.

6 Tips For Better Health Day 5 #12DaysOf

Today we are bringing you 6 tips for better health. Beginning the new year is a time when many people renew their resolutions to be healthier.

12 Days of Romance with K-Y® TOUCH®! #KYTrySomethingNew #ad

#KYTrySomethingNew #ad Getting married is easy. Staying married takes work.I created 12 Days of Romance with K-Y® TOUCH! 12 Days of Christmas with a twist.

Why the TB Blood Test is The Most Accurate #TBBloodTest #IC #ad

#TBBloodTest #IC #ad The TB blood test allows you to get accurate results in just one visit leading to meaningful benefits – more ease, more time, more certainty.

Join Forces with Glamulet for Breast Cancer Awareness! #GlamuletPinkOctober @Glamulet

#GlamuletPinkOctober Glamulet has introduced limited edition pink charms and pink bracelets for the month of October. They will donate 50% of sales to a charity that supports Breast Cancer. With the hope that by 2050 that no one will die and everyone with Breast Cancer will be saved!

How To Conquer Your Fear of Flying! #LifeAfterLeaks #ad

#LifeAfterLeaks #ad I have been saying for quite a few years now that I don’t fly! I haven’t flown in 40 years and ever since 9/11 I have been scared. I realize they say that flying is safer than driving, but it’s just the thought of being up in the air 37000 ft and not being able to do anything if something should happen to the plane.