Easter Glass Block Night Light Tutorial

Easter Glass Block night light tutorial. Super easy to make and cheap. Repurpose the Valentine’s Day Glass Block Night Light to save money.

5 Craft Ideas For 3rd Graders

Children love to make crafts and projects out of common items found around the house. Look at the following list for craft ideas that your child will enjoy.

Quick and Easy Christmas Craft with Dollar Tree Supplies!

Sometimes it’s the quick and easy Christmas craft that can get you through a snow day or vacation day. This one is super easy and you can use items found around the house and the Dollar Tree. I took an old picture frame we had lying around and made it from that.

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Tutorial!

I had the mason jar lid, the ribbon, and twine but the only glue I had was rubber cement. Yeah, not exactly the craft tacky glue I needed but I made it work. It’s really much easier than you think. That coming from a not so very crafty person. Let’s get started!

Thanksgiving Burlap Table Runner ~ Quick and Easy!

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and since I don’t have any of my stuff here, I wanted to make it feel a little more like home. I found a plain burlap table runner for $6 at Hobby Lobby but you could always just a plain piece of burlap if you wanted to. That was really my original intention but I didn’t have a lot of room to work with. I picked up a bottle of orange acrylic paint and a couple sponge brushes along with some stencils.

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments!

I made a Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Peppermint hot cocoa mix ornaments. I added chocolate chips, marshmallows and crushed candy canes. I topped them off with a wooden spoon covered in chocolate and a ribbon.

How to Make a Snowman Christmas Tree For Under $50!

How to make a snowman Christmas tree for under $50. Being displaced at mom’s house with no Christmas decorations, I was able to improvise & make it special.

DIY Fall Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

The Fall Deco Mesh Wreath I used burlap and a brown mesh to give it some accent. I used a burlap pumpkin, wire garland and some fall leaves as embellishments.

Winter Bird Feeders for Kids to Make

      Bird feeders are fun for kids to make during winter months. Not only do they get to have fun making them, they get to enjoy watching the birds come and feed at the bird feeders they have created. Depending on where you live, you might get lucky and get a blue jay […]