Keurig Vue Adapter ~ K2V Cup for Keurig Vue #Review

**Disclosure: I received a sample in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.


Keurig Vue Adapter – Use K Cups in your Vue ~ K2V Cup for Keurig Vue

Finally, someone invented an adapter for the Keurig Vue so you are able to use regular K cups in the Keurig Vue. This is one of those items when you say to yourself “why didn’t I think of that”!

The K2V cup is an adapter for Keurig Vue so you can use regular K cups. It also comes with the Eco-Fill cup that can be placed inside so that you may use your own coffee grounds! Compatible with: V500, V700, V1200, V1255. It does NOT work with the Vue 600.

Recently, I reviewed the Perfect Pod EZ Cup. That one also helps you to save money by using regular coffee. With the Keurig Vue Adapter K2V cup, you pop your K cup into it, press it down so the needle punctures the k cup, pop it into your Vue machine and your ready to brew your favorite cup of coffee.


Keurig Vue Adapter


The Eco-Fill cup uses your regular coffee. Just scoop your favorite coffee blend into it and pop it in your Keurig Vue OR your regular Keurig and your ready to brew. They are both easy to use and easy to clean, yes it is dishwasher safe, definitely my kind of product, and is made of durable plastic. It is also BPA Free!


Keurig Vue Adapter



You can purchase the K2V-Cup for Keurig VUE Brewers on Amazon when it becomes available. Add your name to the email list to be notified. Connect with EZ Cup on Facebook.

Keurig Vue Adapter

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Keurig Vue Adapter


  1. Thank you for your review of this product. Have you continued to us it, or was it only used for this review of the product? I’m wondering if you have continued to use the product since other similar products have cause malfunctions in the Vue machine, I wanted to see if this one also causes issues.

    • Hi Ashely,

      Yes, I have continued to use it. You can get some great deals on K cups. I haven’t heard of any issues with it. I will keep you updated.