Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

But most of all, my most prized decorations are the ones the kids made me for when they were little. Even though, they are 31 and 36, I love the old fashioned ornaments that some day will be passed down to them. I’m not ready to part with them just yet.
What are some of your holiday decorating tips?

4 Alternate Heating Sources to Keep Your Family Warm During a Power Outage

When the power goes out in the summer, it is usually not a big deal. You can head to the pool or beach, if it’s hot or just lie on a hammock and enjoy the breeze. In the winter, a power outage is a big deal. The temperature in a home can drop quickly, especially if it is windy outside. Some may just pack everyone up and stay at a hotel, but most families can’t afford to do this.

Create a Quiet Getaway in the Attic

Most people have an empty attic that is just wasting space. You can easily turn that space into a cozy getaway that is perfect for reading, meditating, knitting, or just relaxing. Depending on your roof structure, you might even be able to do yoga up there.

Cabinets Can Transform Your Garage

Today’s garages do more than just house vehicles and some lawn equipment. Many double as workshops, man caves, family recreation rooms and spare bedrooms. The question asked by anyone standing in a garage deals with storage. One wonders how everything will be stored, where storage containers go and how to install a system that allows the cars to fit inside as well as the stored items. All this and still allow enough space to move between stored items and the vehicles.

Easy Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Easy Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home   One of the easiest ways to keep your family healthy is by taking steps to ensure the air everyone is breathing in every day is as clean as it possibly can be. You might be saying that your house is spotless, so the air […]

How wall quotes can change the look of your house?

Have you ever tried giving your house a unique and fashionable look? Of course you have tried but the question remains how many of you have been actually successful in giving your place a different and chic look. Most people try to think out of the box regarding decorating their houses but most of the times they fail due to the various problems.

Are Your Kids Ready To Stay Home Alone?

Eventually, every parent faces the decision of when to leave his or her children home alone for the first time. Here are some tips to get you ready.

5 Simple Ways To Prevent Break Ins

These 5 simple tips to prevent break ins will help to make your home a safer haven. Keeping an intruder out of your house is not as difficult as you think.

A Plugged Toilet Once Again!

There is nothing worse than a plugged toilet! And it really irks me when it happens. Obviously, by the way I am talking, it has happened more than once. But it’s not only a plugged toilet, it also effects the bathtub and sinks too.

Time to Start Thinking About Furnace Maintenance!

Now is a good time to start getting your house ready for winter if you haven’t started already! Starting with furnace maintenance, storm windows, etc.