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Hide Your Personal Info with Guard Your Id!

Guard Your ID can help conceal your personal information easily. Do you ever worry about your identity being stolen? Stolen identities are a big thing down here in the South. I actually know 2 people that have had theirs stolen and it’s far from fun when it happens.

If you are like me, you always think it will never happen to you or anyone you know. That is something that happens to other people. But when it’s someone you know, you can see the pain and suffering that they endure because of it. And it can happen easier than you think.

Have you ever seen someone going through the garbage? I have and thought to myself…they are probably just panhandlers looking for stuff. But no, they could also be looking for that little piece of information that could help them open up a credit card in your name. 

What is identity theft?
Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name,  Social Security number, or  credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes.


guard your ID


What I have always done is to make a pile of papers that have my social security number on it, credit card statements that have the account number on it, even little things like my maiden name or my mother’s maiden name on it, and then I would sit down with a box full of papers and shred them. Who the heck has time for that anymore? It used to take me at least 3-4 hours to do it. 

Sure, I could have walked to the other room where the shredder was and did it as they came in. But even that takes time. But now, thanks to Guard Your ID by Kespon, you can conceal your information with the touch of a stamp, roller or camouflage tape as you are ready to toss it. Takes seconds to do and as you can see…you can’t see through it, not even held up to the light.





The unique pattern was developed for PLUS by Yusuke Yonetsu. Mr. Yonetsu spent more than a year testing various sets of characters from a variety of alphabets before arriving at the the currently used combination of English letters – some set askew. Patent pending.

I love all three of the stamps and rollers. It has made my life so much easier and safer. 

You can purchase the Guard Your Id products starting at $4.99 and you can save 25% off with coupon code BLOG2014 until 9/30/14. Even better, you can save 30% off when you buy the Kespon 4-pack special. The more you buy…the more you save! 

Not recommended for use on the following materials:
Coated paper, glossy paper, photo paper, plastic sheet, sulfate paper, paper with a rough texture or that easily absorbs ink.


Guard Your ID can help conceal your personal information easily. Do you ever worry about your identity being stolen? Stolen identities are a big thing.



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