Family Search Alert ~ What if my Mom went missing?


family search alert



family search alert

Family Search Alert will find my Mom!


What would I do if my mom went missing?  I think about that all the time.  She will be 93 this Friday and still lives on her own.  She has started developing Dementia and I worry constantly.  I found Family Search Alert and they will help me find my mom.  We just took her car keys away this summer and sold  her car.  That makes me feel a little bit better.  But on some days when I talk to her, she tells me that she went to the store or to church and I ask her how and with who?   She tells me she went by herself and walked there.

That is really scary especially knowing that someday she just might.  It happens all the time here in Florida and is constantly all over the news.  I decided to take action and sign up for Family Search Alert.  When you sign up for Family Search Alert, if one of your family members or even pets gets lost, they will send out a Yellow or Red Alert depending on your plan.

A Yellow Alert is used in a situation where you don’t feel that there is an urgent need to call the police, yet you are still concerned because you cannot find or contact your child/senior or you have lost a pet.  A Red Alert is set up for a situation where you feel something very serious may have happened, and local/state police intervention is needed.  Here is an example of a flyer sent out when someone goes missing.


family search alert


When a loved one is missing, timing is critical and minutes matter.  They will help get the word out quickly through social media outlets, emails, text messages and more.  Besides having piece of mind, it’s very affordable to protect all your family members in one place.  Whether it’s for your parents, a senior family member, your kids or even your pets, there is no need to worry about them.

My mom lives in another state, so it’s not like I could go and immediately start searching for her.  But with Family Search Alert, they could contact neighbors, local family members and even the police if needed.  All your information along with pictures of your family members is stored securely and with a password if the police would need to access your information.  I know if it happened to me, I would not be able to think clearly enough to pass along critical and important information along with pictures to locate her.

After signing up, I put all her information in along with a picture and it took me a matter of about 15 minutes.  It is very easy and quick to do and now I know that if my mom should decide to go for a walk, I will have help in locating her quickly.


family search alert family search alert


To me, having piece of mind is very well worth spending $24.99 a year.  Right now you can get it for $19.99 per year with discount code: BLOG07.   This promo code expires on 3/31/2013.  Because I would feel horrible if she went missing and I didn’t have the proper tools to utilize finding her in a time of desperate need.  I would feel it was all my fault and I don’t want to have to live with that.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to find out more information about Family Search Alert.  They are giving away a year’s membership to one of my lucky readers.  All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!


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Disclosure:  This review has been brought to you by and I was given a year’s subscription in order to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  


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  1. Alaina Bullock says:

    What a great service! I know what it is like to worry about an elderly parent, especially one with dementia! Hopefully this will help give you some peace of mind!

  2. Jaime Nicole says:

    That’s scary – they call them Silver Alerts here when an elderly person goes missing.

    • Jaime:

      We cannot call the type of alerts we use ‘Silver ALerts’ – they have a VERY specific meaning. We use the terms ‘Yellow Alert’ & ‘Red Alert’ – to distinguish between the severity of when someone is missing.

      A Yellow Alert is a personalized message sent by you through text messages, Email, and will be posted to your Facebook & Twitter accounts, when you’re concerned about someone’s whereabouts, but you don’t feel the need to involve the police.

      A Red Alert should only be used when you feel you have to involve the police. A Red Alert does everything a Yellow Alert does, plus, we make landline/cell phone calls, & send faxes.

      Minutes matter when a loved one is missing.

  3. Wow! This is indeed a very useful and helpful product. thanks for sharing!

  4. Marissa says:

    Not really sure how the yellow alert works. Are there any stories where this helped?

    • The yellow alert I believe is not for a real emergency where the police are needed. They will broadcast it across the social media. I hope I never have to find out though.

    • Marissa:

      A Yellow Alert is a personalized message sent by you through text messages, Email, and will be posted to your Facebook & Twitter accounts.
      The scenario I’ve used is when my son had baseball after school. Normally, he’d be home by 6:00. Since he was a junior or senior, if he wasn’t home by 8:00, I wouldn’t panic, but I’d be concerned.
      I would issue a Yellow Alert, send out my message via texts & Email, and that message not only posted to my FB & Twitter account, but his as well.
      This way all of his friends would see that I was concerned that he wasn’t home yet.

  5. We just lost our dog a few weeks ago and it was horrible. I sent pictures of her through email and someone spotted a picture online that looked like her from the local pound. We were very lucky to find her and had her back within 20 hours of realizing she was missing, but as I said before, we were LUCKY! She didn’t have a collar on and her micro chip website was down:(

    Bobbie Anne

    • I don’t know what I would do if Chalupa ever got lost. She’s 13 now so she isn’t going anywhere. But she is a Husky and we had to take precautions because they love to run.