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Grundens is a commercial pioneering company focusing on protective and rugged clothing for mariners. The designs are for performance from heavy-lined jackets and hoodies to sapolettes. Let’s look at a few of the company’s markets: protective layers, outer layers and base layers. The protective layer market sells clothing used for commercial and professional use. These markets are found in industries that require enduring tough weather conditions or environments, such as the arctic or oil drilling. The outer layer market sells light-weight jackets and head gear, since there are no set requirements for it’s current limitations except when rugged gear is necessary. The base layer market sells only under garments. Conceivably these garments are super absorbent because it’s base layer likely to have a number of heavy layers on top. The company does design a few itemized accessories and note these items are neither for commercial nor professional application.

Henri Lloyd pioneered through hardship and dedication focusing on performance and athleticism. He believed in his very being that dedication and hardwork pays off. Henri Lloyd’s designs targets sports markets and athletes, for which his designs enables athletes to better perform in their area. Lloyd’s designs are light-weight because they’re sports-centered. Lloyd’s family line now oversee design production, but his (Llloyd’s) love and passion for sports dedication and hardwork still triumphs and is visually seen throughout his designs. Let’s discuss three designs by Henri Lloyd: Phoenix Carbon Salopette, Red Shockwave Salopette and Sarbon Shockwave Salopette. The phoenix carbon salopette is designed for water or precipitated environments. The item is unlined for quick drying, equipped with drainage channels, non-corrosive zippers, nylon seat and knee reinforcements. The red shockwave salopette is designed from a different stance; the salopette has reinforced seams, padded knee and waist areas and an underlined shell for quick drying. The pockets have also been reinforced with a lightweight shell and rugged zipper preventing beaches in the design. The last item is the sarbon shockwave salopettee having reinforced seams and rugged zippers, underlined pockets for quick drying, reinforced knee, waist and seat areas.

Both designers have produced fantastic clothing for commercial and professional use; creating designs that’s meant to last! Both designers have made their mark and impacted their industries with sensational style! Commercial and professional performers benefit the most from the designers’ dedication. Want to learn more about offers from the designers, click here to see more Henri Lloyd salopette.

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