Egg Wipes ~ There not just for Eggs!




So, when I heard I was going to be getting Egg Wipes to review, I thought, what the heck am I going to do with Egg Wipes?  I don’t live on a farm and I don’t have chickens in my backyard.  As much as I would like to have my own egg laying chickens, I don’t.

What are Egg Wipes?  Well, they are exactly what they say they are.  They are biodegradable wet wipes for cleaning eggs from the coop. They are USDA BioPreferred plant based formulation that gently cleans the egg of soils after laying.  One cloth cleans up to a dozen eggs depending on the soil level.  Just wipe the egg with the soft pop up cloth.  Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.  The used cloths can be tossed in a compost bin.

egg wipes

Now, with that said, I found many other uses for the egg wipes.  There is always a lot of talk about washing your fruits and vegetables when you bring them home before you eat them.  I want to make sure there are no chemicals left on the things I am eating so I used the egg wipes for my fruits and vegetables.

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There are 25 Egg Wipes per container and they run $7.99.  They are produced by the Garden Guys who work towards a greener planet.  The Garden Guys have a Green Revolution Talk Radio with some really great tips.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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