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doctor online

See a Doctor Online at ~ Save Time & Money!


doctor online


I see a Doctor regularly because of all my health problems.  But lately I just haven’t been happy with my Doctor.  He did all my blood work and said everything came back normal.  Yet when I ask him why my hair is falling out, why I’m retaining water and why are veins bulging in my legs, he says “I don’t know”!  I received a free visit to in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and may differ from yours.  You can consult with MeMD for only $44.95.  Be sure to check out the “Doc in the Box” giveaway they have going on. is an online Dr. consult who can help you with things like mild lacerations, allergies, bug bites and things of that nature.  It helps if you have a web cam so that they will be able to see you and what you are talking about.  They CANNOT help you with a life threatening emergency and you should call 911 immediately.  It is not available in all states, so please check if your state is included before you start.

When I first signed up, I had to fill out the basics.  My personal information, weight, height, age and my current health problems and medications.  Then it ask’s what your problem is and to describe your symptoms.  After that it takes you to a screen where you wait about 5 – 10 minutes for someone to call you.  They just go over your information with you and make sure you are ready for the Dr.  After that, you could wait approximately 15-20 minutes.  My wait was only 15.  Meanwhile, you see this screen.


doctor online


I proceeded to speak with the Dr. and go over my concerns and problems.  She explained to me some of the reasons that my water retention, hair loss and bulging veins might be happening.  Although, I did not need any prescriptions at this time, they are able to prescribe certain medications for you at your pharmacy.  They CANNOT prescribe controlled substances!

After we were done, I was able to read my diagnosis online and what steps I need to take next.  Which is in my case, lose some weight (which I am working on) and be sure to keep my next appointment with my Endocrinologist.  Her notes are all online for you to read.

I was happy with her diagnosis because she was able to explain everything to me in detail, not like my current Dr. which gave me no answers whatsoever.  Something like this is good for people like my husband.  He hasn’t been to the Dr. in a very long time, and doesn’t even have one here in Florida.  But he is stubborn like my dad was and refuses to go to the Dr.  If he were to have some minor ailment, I would set this up online for him at  He won’t be as stubborn about it and it will keep me happy.  Not only that, when was the last time you had to go to a Minute Clinic or Centra Care center?  I don’t know about you, but I hate going to those places and sitting there for hours around all those sick people.  You end up leaving sicker than when you came in.

So the next time, you have something minor wrong and you don’t have the time or money because of no health insurance, sign up at  You can connect with on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, where you will find tons of tips and great recipes, including: Gluten Free and Vegan!  You can also enter to win a “Doc in the Box“.  But hurry because it ends on May 11, 2013!

   One lucky winner will receive…

  • Pack-of-3 free MeMD online medical exams
  • Digital Forehead Thermometer 
  • MeMD Swag

doctor online

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doctor online

doctor online


  1. Wow! I had no idea they had a service like this online. I could see where this could really benefit people. Thanks for the info.

  2. Sounds very interesting. I’m always looking up health issues and remedies online. This is probably a convenient option for some people.

  3. Erinn S says:

    I think it is great-I have had those Sun pm questions!