Dieting and Weight Loss Tips

Dieting & Weight Loss Tips!


Diet! No one likes that dirty word. I prefer use the words weight loss. It sounds so much better…doesn’t it?

I have had to watch my weight pretty much all my life. Which means I am always looking for new and improved weight loss tips. Because of my health issues, Crohn’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, I have to watch what I eat. Let’s face it, no one likes to diet all the time. But when I don’t watch, it seems that I put on weight. And why does it always seem to go on faster than it comes off. I could never figure that one out. One of the ways I found that makes it easy for me to lose weight is the vegan weight loss meal plan.


Dieting and Weight Loss Tips


I always wondered what happens after I lose all the weight that I need to lose. Am I going to gain it all back? How do I go about keeping it off? Things of that nature. I have to lose a total of 100 lbs. (I am no where near that yet). That’s a lot of lbs! If and when I get to that point, am I going to be able to know how to eat regularly? After all, I had cut back in order to lose that much weight. I obviously wouldn’t be able to go back to my regular eating. And I can’t continue eating as I have been, because I need to stop the weight loss. 

Vegan is different than a vegetarian and many people confuse the two. My problem is that I love food. After being on the road for 4 months, I admit I gained a few lbs., but I am working on it. Losing weight really is a never ending battle for me. I need support from everyone around me and helpful tips from online. The holiday season is my worst.

You will find answers to the many questions that you have and answers to questions that you didn’t know you had.

What answers are you looking for?


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