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dance socks

Dance Socks from Coco’s Closet

Don’t you just hate it when you are dancing around or exercising around the house or gym and your sneakers get stuck on the floor?  We have hardwood floors pretty much throughout our home and when I am trying to exercise, my sneakers get stuck.  They have rubber soles and it almost seems like they stick to the floor.  That’s where Dance Socks come in.

dance socks

Well not anymore when you are wearing Dance Socks from Coco’s Closet.  Coco’s Closet is where you’ll discover all the great gifts and fashion finds that CoCo’s been collecting just for you. They want you to feel as though you’ve just stepped into your best friend’s secret gift closet and private dressing room. That is, your friend with a taste for cool finds, clever purchases, luxury and an eye for the latest pieces that make sense.

dance socks

Up until now, I didn’t even know about Dance Socks, but they are a great find in my opinion.  The Dance Socks were created out of the need to easily twist and turn in sneakers for dance and dance fitness. Sneakers have too much grip on wooden floors putting excess stress on ankles, knees and hips. Now you can dance in any sneaker! Pull the Dance Sock over the front of your shoe. Cover more sole to increase glide. Cover less sole for additional grip. Have fun!

  • Manufactured by: DanceSocks
  • Turn Sneakers into Dance Shoes – Now you can dance in any sneaker!
  • For smooth surfaces, not recommended for carpet or concrete.
  • Easily twist and turn in sneakers for dance and dance fitness
  • Pull the Dance Sock over the front of your shoe.
  • These are the best shoes for Zumba and Sh’Bam fitness 


dance socks

When I put them on, I had no problem dancing around.  I have a tendency to trip while doing that because my sneakers would get stuck.  Of course, they are not only great on hardwood but pretty much any surface you are on and want to be able to move easily on.  Watch the video here!

The Dance Socks can be purchased for $9.99 and are available in pink or black.  They are one size fits all and come with 2 sets in the package.  And they are made in the USA.  Coco’s Closet sells more than just Dance Socks though.

My rating for Dance Socks is 5/5 Stars.  You connect with Coco’s Closet on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

dance socks

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dance socks

 dance socks


  1. Wendy Pence says:

    Very cool. My daughter’s a dancer & could definitely benefit from these.

  2. Peggy Greco says:

    Thank you so much for review, these are so cute and fun!