Valentine’s Day Dipped Pretzels Recipe – Day 1 #12DaysOf

The awesome thing about the Valentine’s Day Dipped Pretzels recipe is that it can be customized with any sprinkles or flavors that you’d like.

Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrows Recipe

Some people may need a hint or two and the Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrows Recipe is perfect for that or any Valentine’s Day party or get together.

New Year, New You, New Beginnings #BehindTheBlogger

It’s a new year and as much as I would like a new me, there are always options for new beginnings. Do you ever wish you could do your life over?

The Foolproof Guide To Choosing A Wedding Tent

Wedding tent rental prices are not as high as the price tags of halls in hotels and resorts so an open-air festivity is also a budget-friendly decision.

Valentine’s Day Kiss Sprinkle Cookies Recipe

This Valentine’s Day Kiss Sprinkle Cookies recipe is perfect for taking to the office, to school for Valentine’s Day party or just to have around the house.

Breathe Easier This Year – 5 Affordable Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is a long-term goal, as each lifestyle change you make has an impact on your overall IAQ.

Cherry Muddy Buddy Mix Recipe – VALENTINE’S DAY TREAT

Here we have another easy Valentine’s Day Treat with a Cherry Muddy Buddy Mix Recipe. If you can’t tell by now…I love easy recipes.

Valentine’s Day Candy Bark Recipe

The Valentine’s Day Candy Bark recipe is one of the easiest recipes that I have done in a while. It’s fun to make, the kids can help and it’s yummy.

Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty

Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty! The best companies understand that seeing is believing. Sephora goes the extra step.

Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Here we have one of my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes, Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe. Of course you can make this anytime of the year.