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Taking Time for Me When Taking Care of Others! #bluForYou #ad

I used the phrase “you and blu” because for me, blu PLUS+ eCigs are a stress reliever. We finally had some nice weather and I was able to get outside.

Cinco de Mayo Menu

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that’s celebrated throughout the United States and Mexico. It’s literally translated as the fifth of May which, not coincidentally, is the day on which the holiday is celebrated.

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The History of Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Cinco de Mayo is literally translated as the 5th of May. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated throughout the United States as a day to celebrate Mexican traditions and culture. However, in Mexico it’s generally only celebrated in the state of Puebla.

3 Mexican Food Myths and Facts

Mexican food is one of the most celebrated foods in the United States and abroad. It holds a wide appeal to people of all ages and ethnicities. Due to its vast popularity, many myths abound. Let’s take a look at some of those common myths and learn the truth.

Agree to Disagree – It’s Ok to Have Your Own Opinion

Agree to Disagree – It’s Ok to Have Your Own Opinion! Some people are naturally more prone to confidently stating their opinion to the world.

6 Ways to Save on Casters

If you’re looking for medical casters, a hospital supply store might offer special discounts for doctors or nurses. If you need toolbox casters, a home improvement store might be having a sale. Always shop by industry when browsing available casters.

GoPro Falls Into Rattlesnake Pit! #Trending Video

This is crazy and I wouldn’t even be that close! I would say leave it!

Muay Thai training in Thailand at Suwit gym

Hundreds of people travel to some of the most popular destinations in Thailand in order to practice Muay Thai. Each place has more than one option for training. We will focus on one camp that is popular for years – Suwitmuaythai.