5 Important Health Tips For Busy Bloggers

      Sitting for long hours in front of the computer screen could cause some really grave health issues. All those ‘couch potatoes’ need to get some health tips unless they want to develop some health problems. However busy you maybe, however much your job might demand you to be using the computer, you […]

The Importance of a healthy mouth

    The Importance of a healthy mouth:   A healthy mouth and attractive smile seem to be the gold-standard to beauty these days. Emphasis being placed on aesthetics, but having good oral hygiene is equally (if not more important) than how your mouth appears physically. Because your mouth is warm and damp, it provides […]

Nautilus Peak Fit System #Review

    Nautilus Peak Fit System   As many of you know, I am trying to lose weight.  I have come to the conclusion that watching what I eat is not enough.  I need to exercise along with it.  I received the Nautilus Peak Fit System 10 DVD set to review and I couldn’t wait […]

How To Keep A Baby Mattress Clean

If you’re a mom or a person who takes care of young children, especially babies, then you probably know firsthand the challenges of keeping little ones and their things clean. Cleanliness is essential as this helps in preventing various diseases that could seriously affect kids’ health. There are many challenges involved in child care, and […]

Contacts for when Applying Mascara can be a daunting task!

How do you apply mascara when you can’t see?  With Contacts of course!   This has been going on for some time now.  Everyone said that once you turn 40 your eyesight goes downhill.  I didn’t believe them.  Until I turned 40.  It seems like every year after that I could see less and less […]

Positive Person Tips

    How to become a more positive person! Learning how to become a more a positive  person can be beneficial, reduce stress levels, minimize depression and possibly improve physical health. Put these tips to work for you to become more optimistic. Practice positive affirmations.  Tell yourself good things.  Receiving praise is something that instantly […]

Breastfeeding ~ Superfood for Babies

    BreastFeeding ~ Superfood for Babies   Breastfeeding has become an important part of society these days and it’s not only important for bonding between mother and child and but also because it’s beneficial in the first hour.   Save the Children has recently released a new report called Superfood for Babies.  In the […]


        For the 100th time, it’s NOT pinkeye and I am NOT contageous.  Okay, I admit that it might resemble pinkeye a little bit but it’s not pinkeye!  It definitely isn’t a pretty sight.   It’s kind of embarrassing but what am I supposed to do?  Hide out in the house.  I […]

Healthy Smoothies 2013

    Getting the right amount of physical movement is the best method of improving one’s health ( walking, swimming, and/or spinning). But for too many workaholics, the gym is simply not an option unless it has a cubicle next to the incline bar. So for those of us married to our careers and not […]

Fruit in Your Healthy Five Meal a Day Plan

   Most nutritionists will tell you “small meals” all day long. Most nutritionists will also tell you those small meals should consist of a fruit, a veggie, protein, a carb and always washed down with plenty of liquid. The liquid is very important in the end which we will detail at the “end” of this […]