Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty

Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty! The best companies understand that seeing is believing. Sephora goes the extra step.

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Recipe

We have candy corn desserts, candy corn crafts, and candy corn turkeys. So I thought it fitting to share a Candy Corn Sugar Scrub recipe.

Natural Beauty Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Beauty is so important for every single woman out there. There is a search for beauty that leads towards buying so many products and clothes. The approach of the woman is obviously one that goes towards synthetic products or one that goes for natural alternative methods.

Welcome Spring with Nexxus New York Salon Care Products! #NewNexxusCaviar

#NewNexxusCaviar Concentrated protein. Precious Ingredients. For Hair With Beautiful Fluidity. Yes, please! Nexxus New York Salon Care has newly reformulated their products.

Save on St. Ives ® Fresh Hydration Lotion Sprays at Walgreens! #StIvesSprays #ad

With the very cold weather we have had this winter, my skin is like an alligator. Going from the cold to the heat and back out in the cold, St. Ives is keeping my skin soft with their Fresh Hydration Lotion Sprays.

Cover Your Gray with L’Oreal Excellence ~ Age Perfect Hair Color for Mature Hair! #AgePerfectColor #sponsored

L’Oreal Excellence ~ Age Perfect Hair Color for mature hair covers your gray and blends your roots. Comes with the new temple brush so no spot is missed.

New Year + Thicker Hair = New Me! #MoreIsBeautiful #CBias #Shop

#ad #MoreIsBeautiful #CBias #Shop Back in November, I told you about my thinning hair problem and what I was doing about it. Since then, I have included in my daily routine T/Sal shampoo and I have continued my use of Women’s Rogaine. The end result is astonishing. I can see and feel the difference.

Save Money with Vaseline Intensive Care at Family Dollar! #RapidRenewal Challenge

I took the Rapid Renewal Challenge from Family Dollar with Vaseline Intensive Care. In just 3 weeks, I was able to turn my dry skin around to soft, touchable skin. It gets even worse after I get out the pool. That’s when you can really see it and it’s noticeable not just by me but even people around me.

Score Extra Savings On Your Daily Beauty Items

You DON’T have to break the bank to look gorgeous! You can have professional-looking make-up for half the price! All it takes is cutting a few corners by using the same product for multiple purposes and utilizing a few good ole’ natural remedies with what you probably already have in your kitchen.

Stop the Itch with Total Relief Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner #Review

Total Relief dandruff shampoo and conditioner is good for all skin types and is paraben free and sulfate free. With the two step system, it relieves itching, flaking, and dandruff after the first use! I was really surprised how much better my scalp felt.