Clear Skin this Summer and Forever

Clear Skin this Summer and Forever!


Who doesn’t love gorgeous looking skin? Just about everyone I know dislikes a blemish as it rears its white, or black, or red head on your face, neck, back, leg etc. 

So what are some ways to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless this summer, without busting the bank or completely altering your lifestyle choices? Well, look no further as the items mentioned below will all provide some relief, however when combined together (a couple or several, but certainly no need for all) you’ll be on your way to more beautiful skin than ever! Damaged skin is caused by any number of habits and natural chemical balances. Stress, diet style, sun exposure, alcohol consumption, as well as smoking all contribute to the overall appearance of your skin.


DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. Have I shouted that enough yet? This is one very simple and easy remedy that is a quick way to clear up a lot of basic bacteria on your skin.  The science behind this is relatively simple. Drinking water brings moisture to your skin and helps prevent it from drying out. In addition, water helps flush toxins out of the body including any foreign or unnecessary bacteria and dirt.


Who doesn’t love gorgeous clear skin? Just about everyone I know dislikes a blemish as it rears its white, or black, or red head on your face, neck, etc.


On the plus side, drinking water also supports:

·  healthy weight loss

·  is a natural wrinkle-buster

·  stops headaches and dizziness

·  fights infections

·  keeps your bowel movements regular

·  helps you exercise better

·  improves concentration

·  boosts energy

·  and supports your heart

Do be careful, as there is such a things as drinking too much water. While you may laugh, yes there have been recorded deaths of people drowning from drinking too much water. Too much water can lead to insomnia and/or excessive sweating. However if you listen to your body you’ll be on the right track to preventing this. The recommended amount is eight, 8 ounce glasses per day with. This is the average so depending on your height and weight you could adjust. Typically men need more water than women.

At Home Remedies

I’m sure you have heard all of these before, but that is because the wives’ tale is very truthful. Clearer skin is possible with adequate amounts of sleep on a consistent basis. If you skip out on an hour or two or aren’t getting good sleep this not only damages the overall function of your body but you will see the effects in your face and skin.  So weather your acne and skin is stress related, diet related, or you’ve tried all kinds of topical crèmes to no avail, check these options out:

·  Lemon– the citric acid helps remove dead cells and the vitamin c helps reduce dark spots thereby increasing the cell renewal process

·  Tumeric– an antiseptic and lightening agent that helps minimize the appearance of scars

·  Honey- the great moisturizer that contains antibacterial components that prevent infection

·  Aloe Vera-This one has SO many benefits! One of which is killing acne causing bacteria, anti-inflammatory properties to smooth irritated skin (such as sun burns) and helps heal scars

·  Baking Soda- helps balance the natural pH level of the skin to help maintain it’s clarity, it is also a mild antiseptic and therefore helps reduce the appearance of scars and works as a good exfoliate.

·  Cucumber- Seen often in spas… that’s for a reason! Cucumbers are excellent for nourishing and hydrating the skin and repair damaged cells allowing a fresh glow in a short amount of time

Foods to Eat

·  Dark Berries

·  Peppermint- bonus with healing and calming properties!

·  Nuts– balance a frequent deficiency in women of zinc and selenium which are linked to acne

·  Tomatoes– the vitamin C helps firm skin and aid collagen production

·  Grapes-contain powerful natural chemicals and antioxidants that treat inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Grapes have been linked to reducing side effects of allergic reactions

·  Kale– your vitamin powerhouse! Kale contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K in addition to strong levels of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, folate, and phosphorous… seriously, eat this!

·  Avocado- A wonderful source of vitamin E, this books the skins natural vitality an luminosity, in addition to anti-inflammatory properties and stimulation of collagen production

·  Garlic– keeps more than just the vampires away! This is also a great super food for battling harmful bacteria and viruses that are linked to acne and skin infections

 There are so many more foods that are great for helping keep your skin healthy, by no means is this an exhaustive list. Check out more information to help you plan your next skin clearing meal!

Foods Not to Eat

·  Salt- Doctors indicate that salt dehydrates your skin, allowing swelling which therefore makes healing more difficult for the skin to repair acne.

·  Glycemic Foods- donuts, white break, pretzels, etc. all raise your blood sugar levels and leave your skin prone to breakouts.

·  Shellfish- Shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, all are high in iodine with clogs pores and promotes acne development

·  Dairy- Specifically linked to acne on the jawline and neck, milk may be the culprit, and eating dairy promotes the release of insulin and hormones in the body that are linked to acne.

·  Alcohol- Even a small amount of alcohol dehydrates the skin, highlighting wrinkles and prevents the skin from healing. Too much can also attack the bodies levels of vitamin A, B3, and C which are all vital to support antioxidants for the skin and regenerate new cell growth. However. As mentioned before grapes are a great skin supplement and one glass of red wine is actually beneficial to your complexion!

Skin Tagging

 We’ve mentioned a lot about foods that help reduce the appearance of scars on the body. But what if there is a more permanent growth or other tag on your body? Skin tags are the small flesh colored or brown colored growths that are raised off the skin, they are very common and are harmless, however some people choose to remove them. They can vary in size and are more often found in old age, people with diabetes, and pregnant women (due to changes in hormone levels). There are options out there and it’s best to do your research, look for a skin tag removal product that you trust and is clear about the ingredients it uses.


While the sun may feel extremely pleasant on our skin, it can actually do serious damage. Serious dehydration can happen rapidly and can even occur on cloudy days. Overcast days are likely to provide a burn just as damaging as a cloudless sky. Sun protection is therefore very vital to the overall care of your skin. Sunscreen (at least 15) is appropriate in conjunction with a hat and or sunglasses. The more shade and protection you provide for your face, the better your skin will be. Remember, just because you applied the sunscreen doesn’t mean it lasts forever. Make sure to reapply as directed and especially after each dunk in the pool/ocean. Sure it’s a pain, but maybe you can find a special someone to rub it on for you… here’s to jumping in a few more times today!


Who doesn’t love gorgeous clear skin? Just about everyone I know dislikes a blemish as it rears its white, or black, or red head on your face, neck, etc.





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