Car Caché keeps your purse safe and clean!

Car Caché pulls double duty!

Car Caché has more than one purpose. Read on to find out what it is. I don’t buy a lot of purses, but I don’t spend a lot on them either. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to keep them clean. I know people that spend hundreds of dollars on them. But to each his own.  I received a Car Caché in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Most recently, I purchased this mint green purse and it turned out to be my favorite. I always place my purse on the floor in the car, because really..where else is there to put it? Well, how about the Car Caché?

The Car Caché safely holds your purse and keeps it clean. It also keeps it safe. We have a lot of purses stolen right out of vehicles, right from the passenger seat, when they are at a gas station and some even when they are standing at a red light.


car cache


It just clips on to the headrests and the bottom cord goes around the center console. It takes just seconds to put it in.


car cache

Yeah, that’s my new purse. The Car Caché fits most vehicles and can easily accommodate both large & small purses (and bags, gloves, umbrellas, etc!) by simply adjusting the straps to make the small ‘cup’ at the base of the Caché to fit your purse bottom as appropriate…similar to a loose fitting ‘hammock’ allowing for very easy insertion & removal of your handbag.


Car Cache


Remember when I said it had multiple uses? Well, besides holding my purse, it doubles as a pet barrier! We always had a hard time keeping the dog in the back seat and used to put sheets up for her. But now, we only need the Car Caché and we’re good to go!



car cache


See how easy it is to install:



The Car Caché™ is proudly manufactured in the USA by a “WBENC certified” Woman Owned Business as well as Owned by a “WBENC certified” Woman Owned Business.

It is available on Amazon in tan or black for only $19.95 and is also available in black faux leather for $34.95. You can connect with Get Car Caché on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Car Caché

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