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Bliss Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag


With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day quickly approaching, sometimes you just don’t know what to get.  One of things on my list was a hammock.  I love to lay out in the backyard and just relax.  Problem was, I didn’t have one.  I received a Bliss Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag from Pro Home Stores in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

I used to have a hammock, but here in Florida it gets so hot that anything left outside in the sun, eventually dry rots.  I went to sit on mine one day and ended up on the ground.  Not fun.




 I chose a Bliss Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag from Pro Home Stores, in Guacamole.  They do not come with a stand, but I still had mine from my old one.  It was a little short to fit on my stand but we added some chain to make it work.




The nice thing about this is that it is in a bag so you can take it with you and also includes the hooks to attach it to a tree or whatever is available.  This is awesome for when we go camping.






My husband got to try it out first.  He likes to take naps outside too.




The Bliss Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag cradles your body with a soft and strong cotton/poly fabric, for ultimate comfort and complete relaxation.  It can hold up to 265 lbs. and plenty long enough.  We are both 6 ft. tall and have plenty of room to relax comfortably.

If you aren’t in the market for a hammock, they also carry many other items that mom and dad would love as gifts.   Pro Home Stores offers thousands of home and office decor items with free shipping and no sales tax.  Everything from floor fountains to a wall mounted fireplace and even a air conditioner cover.

My rating is 5/5 Stars.  You can purchase the Bliss Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag for $39.99.  Connect with Pro Home Stores on Facebook and Twitter.




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  1. Ouch! So sorry you ended up on the ground after trying to sit in your hammock. I’ve always been afraid of that happening and have been known to stay a safe distance away from hammocks because of that.

    Your new Bliss Brazilian hammock looks a lot better! I like that it is made with a visibly strong fabric–and such cool colors!

  2. Looks soooo cozy !!

  3. Oh I definitely like this! I love hammocks!

  4. This looks sooooo comfy! I really want a hammock and this one looks perfect!

  5. Erinn S says:

    I love how compact it is-perfect for camping!