Blood Line by John J. Davis #Review

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Blood Line by John J. Davis!


I love to read but there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Unless, of course, it’s a very good book. Then I can’t put it down once I start reading it. Blood Line by John J. Davis is one of those books. It’s a high voltage spy thriller.

The story starts off with their house getting broken into by burglars….or was it? Their daughter was shaken up and knew nothing of her parents past lives, but was soon to find out.

After being taken down to the police station, they find that they are being followed by the FBI and need to go home to get their Go Bags! Bags that are packed full of survival items such as guns, food and money. Being in the CIA had it’s advantages and disadvantages and this was definitely one of them.

They decided that they needed to come clean with their daughter and tell her the good, the bad and the ugly! How would you feel if you just learned that your granny was a bad….


Blood Line starts with their house getting broken into by burglars….or was it? The story is will keep you in suspense and ends with the unexpected.  

The story continues on with a twist that you least expect. The men were only looking for one thing and when they kidnap the daughter and plan to have a party with her, they get the surprise of their life.


My thoughts on Blood Line:

I thought it was really good and kept my attention throughout the entire story. You weren’t expecting what was going to happen to next and let’s just say….you never know who you can trust.


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