The Big Toy Book Party #SweetSuite13




The Big Toy Book Party


This was my first year attending BlogHer, so I didn’t know what exactly to expect.  I had only been to two conferences previously, Reviewers Retreat 13 and SheCon 12.  Those were both small and kind of intimate.  Nowhere near the size of BlogHer.  Thankfully, I was invited to the Big Toy Book Party.

It was a little overwhelming, but what I really liked was the small intimate parties that I had been invited to.  One of those, and ultimately my favorite was the The Big Toy Book Party, definitely the biggest night of play in Chicago ~ #SweetSuite13.  It was organized and Hosted by Joey Fortman (Real Mom Media), Charlene DeLoach (Charlene Chronicles), Laurie Schacht (@TheToyInsiderMomThe Big Toy Book, and The Toy Insider Mom!

The only thing that I wish for this party was that I could have chatted with all the companies that were there.  I arrived at my appointed time of 6:30 and it lasted until 10:00.  I had never been to one so I didn’t know what to expect.  You would think that 3 and half hours would be long enough to chat, but I wanted to take my time and meet everyone.  Not have to rush.  But there were a few that I missed.


Big Toy Book


On the other hand, I did get to meet many new people and was happy about that.  It was great that they were shipped the package full of swag right to our door.  We had no room in our car for anything else, and I can’t even imagine the girls that were flying or going by train.

My box from the Big Toy Book party actually arrived at my house before I did.  We were driving and made a stop on the way.  It was a nice surprise when I arrived.  I couldn’t believe all the great toys in the box.  I think my Christmas list is complete.

Here are the items in my box:


Big Toy Book


My grand kids loved the toys that I gave them so far.  Some will be used as Christmas gifts and some will be used for Christmas giveaways.


Everyone got involved with the toys!




I would like to thank all the sponsors that sent us these wonderful gifts and hope to be invited to the amazing Big Toy Party #SweetSuite14!

Big Toy Book


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