Patriotic Oreos Recipe

Today we have an easy Patriotic Oreos recipe. Because after all, who doesn’t love oreo cookies to begin with! I know we do!

Cars 3 Mater Cupcake Recipe #Cars3

The Mater Cupcake recipe is fun and would look great along with the Lightning McQueen Cupcake recipe or with the Mater Oil Slick Cocktail recipe.

Water Wubble Water Balloon Balls and Giveaway #WaterWubble #ad (ends 7/13)

Grab your Water Wubble Water ballon Ball and head outdoors! You get eight reusable water balloons that you can play with over and over!

Fetch My Meds – Pet Meds at a Discounted Price #ad #fetchmymeds @fetchmymeds

Request your written prescriptions from your vet, download the card and take it to your local pharmacy, where you can save up to 70% on your pet meds! 

Mater Oil Slick Cocktail Recipe and Fun Facts #Cars3

We just shared a Lightning McQueen Oreo recipe and Lightning McQueen Cupcake recipe, how about a Mater Oil Slick Cocktail recipe!

Lightning McQueen Cars Cupcake Recipe #Cars3

The Lightning McQueen Cars Cupcake Recipe is brought to you by Just Plum Crazy.       Lightning McQueen Cars Cupcake Recipe!   Who doesn’t love Lightning McQueen from Cars 3? Everybody does! So why not make some cute Lightning McQueen Cars Cupcake recipe to go along with the movie that came out this past week. […]

Lightning McQueen Cars Oreo Recipe #Cars3

With the release of Cars 3 in theaters this past week, how about a Lightning McQueen Cars Oreo Recipe to go with it. Check out our other Cars 3 posts.

Tutti Frutti Dough – Scented Dough for Your Child To Play and Create 

If you are not aware of Tutti Frutti Dough, you might be interested in learning! It is a modelling dough, that is colorful and has amazing fruity scents!

Day at the Beach Cupcakes Recipe

Yesterday was National Flip Flop Day and you can’t go to the beach without your flip flops. So how about a Day at the Beach Cupcakes recipe!

Dieting and Weight Loss Tips

I have had to watch my weight pretty much all my life. Which means I am always looking for new and improved weight loss tips. Because of my health issues, Crohn’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, I have to watch what I eat.