Dixie Stampede – Branson, MO #Branson

My family LOVES Branson Missouri! It is our favorite vacation destination. There is so much to see and do in Branson and it is very family friendly! On our latest vacation we decided to try out something new, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede! I had heard from many people that it was a great place, so I figured why not!

Get Your Fix and it’s So Delicious

I was very excited to learn that the So Delicious company that makes the coconut milk products that my kids and I are in love with, came out with NEW ice creams that are made from cashew milk!

Take Your Kids On A Surprise Ride! #SupriseRide

I feel like its Christmas Morning! A little package arrives at my door, my kids are overly excited at the sound of the doorbell, and to their surprise the package is for them! Its Surprise Ride, the box is colorful and inviting, and they are so eager to see what it is inside!

Aztek Print Leggings by YourLittleLoves’

I would rather make purchases from the little guy rather than a big box store. The items are usually made with quality materials and hand sewn rather than big machines. Some of these items are clothing. Whenever we purchase clothing from the big stores, we have to reinforce the buttons and even some seams. But when you make a clothing purchase like the Aztek Print Leggings from someone like YourLittleLoves’, you know you aren’t going to have to do those things.

Summer Travel – Fun in Branson, MO

Family fun for everyone! When I was thinking about a family vacation this year I wanted to go somewhere not too far from home. I live in Kansas and there is a lot of places I could have chosen in the four state area but I chose Branson Missouri.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer – Keep Track of the Entire Family! @kinsa #KinsaSmartThermometer

Any mom with a smart phone will love this easy-to-use and convenient device that helps keep family illness in check. The Kinsa Thermometer plugs right into your phone and takes the temperature right from the phone, just plug it in and then take the temperature.