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AFMO is the one stop shop for the perfect pair of Danner boots, or a piece of multicam gear.


Buying boots and camouflage gear is something that people in the military must be able to do on a regular basis. This is because the gear that they wear regularly tends to get worn out extremely fast and must be replaced with matching gear. This is also because there are times when a person grows out of what they are wearing and needs a new item, but currently is nowhere that is able to replace them such as when they are overseas. This is when a great company like AFMO comes in handy. You can ever choose to shop at this great place if you are not active military, are an avid hunter or backpack, or just want to be able to get some high quality gear at a fair price. No matter what your reason for buying these items, you are going to get the best deal possible shopping online.

At a person who wants multicam gear is going to be able to get it. You will not have to settle for a boring mix of two blue colors, two greens, or black and white on your clothing. Instead, you are going to be able to get a combination of colors known as Multicam in a variety of different styles and item choices. You can get things like backpacks, plate carriers, hats, pants, and shirts. One great item is the M-65 Multicam Field Jacket. Not only is this a jacket that covers your arms entirely, it is also one that has blended colors that will fit in perfectly if you are in the desert, scrub land, or on the plains. This jacket features large front pockets and a collar that can pop up to add protection from debris, rain, or to provide insulation. While this particular brand is not waterproof, it is water resistant and matches almost exactly the style of jacket used in war. You can also buy additional Velcro for it to add batches and things if you so desire.

If you have been searching for the elite style of Danner boots and been unable too, you can check them out here. Keep in mind that although there are other brands then Danner, that this is one of the most popular, durable, and comfortable style of boots that are available. You will also notice that these are some of the cheapest in price boots that you are going to be able to get that stay at a quality that will not let your down. Some of the qualities that these great boots have are having an eight inch height to protect your ankle, Denier waterproof fabric, being completely waterproof, and having a special type of construction to alleviate shock from jumping or falling and the ability to pivot easier while wearing them.



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  1. Karen Glatt says:

    Nice stuff to wear that looks classy and well made. I am sure that my son would love to take a look at this awesome website to see if there is anything he would like to get. Never heard of this site, but glad to know about it! Thanks!