A Photo A Day Challenge ~ 9/8 Our Girls!

Okay, so I’m a little behind on my photo a day challenge.  I’ll catch up, I always do.  The first photo is going to be an oldie but a goodie.  It’s of our 3 girls that we had when we first moved to Florida in 2003.  We got them all up North.  2 of them are no longer with us but Chalupa is.

Goldie was my 1st dog.  I had her before I met my husband and I actually took her on condition that she would be good.  She was just  a mutt mix, part yellow lab and part shephard  but she was the best dog you could ask for.   I took on condition because before I got her, I had a Golden Retriever named  Molson.  He was a holy terror.  He chewed everything including my floor, cupboards and anything else he could get his teeth into.  He actually went to obedience school and chewed up the bathroom wall.  I ended up giving Molson to the Save The Golden Retriever Organization.  He was sent to a good home. That’s why I took Goldie on condition.  She actually never barked at anything until we got Adrian.  She was almost 14 when I had to put her down.

Shortly after I met my husband we got Adrian.  She was just 8 weeks old when we got her and full blooded German Shephard. Everything was going fine until she got her first set of shots.  The same day she got her Rabies, DPT ( or whatever it’s called) and her Parvo shots, that evening she started having seizures.  Not just one but grand mal seizures.  She had 8 – 10 in a matter of minutes.  It’s sad sitting there watching her go through that.  She was at the emergency center a few times.  The vet finally put her on 2 different medications.  Her seizures calmed down but never completely went away.  When she would have her seizures Tim would hold her and stick a tennis ball in her mouth because she would bite her lips and tongue and there would be blood everywhere.  When she would come out of her seizures she was blind for a little bit.  We had to get her to stay in one spot because she would walk into walls.  After we moved to Florida her seizures continued to get worse.  We finally had to put her down at only 6 1/2 years.  That is the hardest decision you ever have to make.  The day we took her, I came home and I was walking the other 2 girls crying.  I looked up in the sky and asked Adrian, did we do the right thing?  The sky was clear blue and there it was written in the sky ~ God!  No skywriting plane or anything else in sight.  I believe it was a sign from her.

And then came Chalupa, our Siberian Husky.  When she came into the house she was the head honcho.  She was so tiny, you could have stepped on  her.  But she ruled the house.  Leader of the Pack!  It was amazing.  Adrian was our guard dog and she was trained to do that.  Chalupa would take Adrian and Goldie’s toys and not let them have them.  It was quite a site.  Chalupa is now almost 13 and showing signs of her age.  She doesn’t do anything but sleep these days.  Chalupa is half the size she is now.

Here are my 3 girls.



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  1. awww what cute dogs! The husky is gorgeous! I am biased though becuase we own a Siberian. Am I seeing the picture right? one brown & one blue eye? Love that!