A Dozen Ways to Re-use Ribbon Scraps

A Dozen Ways to Re-use Ribbon Scraps!


We as crafters know how quickly scraps can pile up. Even one simple project can lead to a basket full of odds and ends. But there is no reason why our precious materials should end up in the trash bin. Why not keep the creative juices flowing and put those scraps to good use? Here are ten great ways to re-use ribbon scraps:


We as crafters know how quickly scraps can pile up. Even one project can lead to a basket full of odds & ends. Here are 10 ways to re-use ribbon scraps!

  • Turn your scraps into a piece of art by hot gluing ribbon pieces of similar length to a piece of thin foam board. Accessorize with buttons, construction paper or anything you like, then place in a frame and voila! Ribbon art!
  • Transform a plain jar into a beautiful embroidered vase by gluing scraps around the outside
  • Attach one end of several ribbon pieces to one long piece of white ribbon for a super cute party banner
  • Cut out fun shapes and hot glue to toothpicks to make festive cupcake toppers sure to impress
  • Tie ribbon pieces to the stems of wine glasses to identify everyone’s drink at your next party
  • Make a pretty personalized book mark for the literature lover in your life. You could insert into a blank journal that you decorate for extra points
  • Make your next dinner party a night to remember by making classy napkin ties (why waste money on those expensive rings?)
  • Tie the ends of your scrap ribbon to single keys for a smart key ring
  • Broken zipper tag? Why replace the whole thing when you can attach a ribbon for a quick fix?
  • Add ribbon to plain hair clips for a super cute accessory. You could even make this a fun kids’ party activity
  • Small pieces can be used for details in ribbon sculpting projects
  • Do the kids need help with a collage or project for school? Not a problem, check out the scrap bin for ribbon accessories

By using the ideas above, you will be recycling your ribbon scraps from a past project into a great new design. Who knows, the scraps may even eventually become the main event! Be extra creative and earn an A+ in crafting.

Have some more creative uses for ribbon scraps that I didn’t mention? Make sure to comment on this post! The more the merrier!

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