Get a Delightful Feeling With The Touch Of Awesome Amenities

Get a Delightful Feeling With The Touch Of Awesome Amenities!


Life is a journey and you decide the way. Life takes a turn when we bid adieu to our college life and take a step towards our work life. This is the transition period which nurtures and refines our personality and perception towards life. If we are destined with a job which is not in our hometown, then understanding life becomes more fascinating.

Struck by wanderlust, I definitely wanted to opt for a job which comes with free travel and I took up a profession which allows me to stay in a particular city for a years’ time and understand the cultural and architectural legacy of the cities, and write about those with the photographs. First year was quite fun, since the project was about my city only, but after that, I got transferred to Chennai, a first step out of my house and I also had to deal with the house hunting part which started with the quest for real estate agents in Chennai.

Initially I was looking for an unfurnished house, since it’s much more affordable, but within a week I realized the importance of having amenities and that made me shift to a furnished flat, since buying those household stuff were never a good option for me.


Get a Delightful Feeling With Awesome Amenities! Life is a journey & you decide the way. It takes a turn when we take a step towards our work life.


Now when I enter home, I really feel how those little things contribute for better living. It also enhances the feel good factor. When I say amenities I mean the following:

Air Conditioner – At the end of a tiring day, a good sleep rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. So, I ensured that the property broker in Chennai, shows me the house with the AC installed in it

Television – Undoubtedly you need a TV with a cable connection so that you have the option of enjoying leisure along with keeping yourself updated with the times. Perhaps the property dealers in Chennai empathized with me and he ensured my new house has one

Cozy Bed – When you are tired, the first thing you do is hit the bed.

Oven – Eating healthy is a mandate and yes, you need an oven to prepare food at the earliest.

Furniture – An awesome way to make the house look like home.

Couches – Weekends become more happening when you plan house parties and couches are the best place to chill out. Trust me this time I am blessed with a perfect terrace..

Lights, Fans and Bathware – Lights and fans are the basic amenities required for a decent living, and as far as bathware is concerned, someone has very rightly said that your creativity accentuates while taking bath, and it is a fact.

Refrigerator – Such a convenient gadget where you can lengthen the freshness of food, beverages as well as our miscellaneous items.

Apart from all these there are a couple of other amenities which my real estate dealer in Chennai also suggested while I was hunting for my house. These are amenities provided by the society like swimming pool, gymnasium, club house etc. which also add to the feel good factor. Trust me, I love swimming and the pool is awesome which comes with sauna room as well. Life is good with these amenities and I am grateful to God for gifting me this life.

I would love to know your stories too regarding the amenities you love and use, so please share…



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Topic: Get a Delightful Feeling With The Touch Of Awesome Amenities!