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Sitting for long hours in front of the computer screen could cause some really grave health issues. All those ‘couch potatoes’ need to get some health tips unless they want to develop some health problems.

However busy you maybe, however much your job might demand you to be using the computer, you must always attach a certain amount of importance towards your health and diet; as health once gone doesn’t come back. Here are a few essential tips for bloggers to stay healthy.

5 Health Tips for Bloggers

1. Avoid sitting continuously in front of the computer screen for more than 2 hours at a stretch. If your work demands more, than take a break in between, take a light walk around and move your neck round so that you don’t have to deal with a neck pain later.

2. Attain a comfortable sitting posture and don’t keep twisting and turning too much. Give adequate support to your back. Low back support chairs are always recommended for those engaged in long hours in front of the computer. Back and neck pain are the most common of problems that busy bloggers complain of. It’s better to give some exercise to these parts before they give you a tough time with persistent pains.




3. Obesity- mankind’s worst enemy is a side effect of extensive blogging. Most people working for long hours in front of the computer screens have a common experience of putting on weight from the wrong places. These are usually the places that are very stubborn and don’t let go off the fat easily. Thus sitting in front of the screen could cause some trouble for you. Instead, take some time off and engage in occasional spurts of stretching and a little bit of exercising in between your routine work. you might be successfully able to wade away those fat layers from accumulating onto you.


4. Sitting for long hours in front of the computer screen also means a larger tendency to eat. Most people prefer grabbing a quick snack or some high calorie clad food item because they are easier to finish off and faster to eat. But these might have severe implications later and may add on to you in the form of health problems and other such persistent troubles. This also amounts for obesity. Thus eating at proper times and a balanced meal will ensure prim and proper health for a busy blogger also.

5. Many bloggers are under constant tension of losing money and minting business which often leads them into stress and depression. Hence one needs to relax adequately. Yoga and meditation can help a lot. Also, sleep is an essential factor and one needs to fulfill criteria’s of sleep too to remain healthy.

These are the top 5 ways to stay healthy for busy bloggers. With business and competition pressure increasing, we still need to maintain health to avoid any impeding issues in the future. These tips will definitely ensure you a happy and healthy blogging life that will propel your blogging career further and at the same time keep your fit.

Pritam Nagrale is a blogger who likes to write about blogging tips on his blog.


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  1. Techmybook says:

    Great Post. Thank you for sharing with us

  2. Donna George says:

    I agree. You need to have balance in life. If one thing is all-consuming, it is not healthy.