5 Craft Ideas For 3rd Graders

5 Craft Ideas For 3rd Graders


Children love to make crafts and projects out of common items found around the house. Look at the following list for craft ideas that your child will enjoy. Most of them only need simple items to complete.

Children love to make crafts and projects out of common items found around the house. Look at the following list for craft ideas that your child will enjoy.

Delicious Sun Tea

Kids love science experiments that they can do all by themselves. Making sun tea is a great way to teach your kids about the power of the sun. Start with a glass pitcher and two large tea bags. Have your child prepare this on their own. Fill the pitcher with water almost to the top. Carry the pitcher outdoors when the sun will directly shine for the next two hours. Have them check on the pitcher every 30 minutes. Explain that the tea is done when the water looks dark. Bring the pitcher indoors, and add sugar and lemon to your child’s desired taste. Explain that the heat of the sun is so powerful that it can make fantastic tea.

Duct Tape Wallet

Third graders realize the power of money, so another good project for them to tackle is making a wallet out of duct tape. Start by cutting a 12-inch strip of duct tape. Cut another 12-inch strip to place on the lower half of the original strip that is laid horizontally down on the table. Flip it over and repeat these steps until you have a wallet that is five inches tall and four inches wide. You may have to help your little one during the project if they have small hands (or if you’re using scissors!). This is an easy project that allows you to spend quality time together.

Personalized Postcards

This project allows your child to personalize their own postcards using any type of personal photos as the scenery. You will need photos that are four inches tall and six inches wide. Let your child choose the photos and the recipient. Buy some stamps, and let them mail them off at the local post office. This is a fun activity that your child will love. Glue the photos to poster board that has been cut to size. Help address the back of the photos, then let them place stamps on the postcards. This activity is a great way to teach your child about mailing items.

Reward Jar

This is an easy project that will teach your child about responsibility and rewards. All you need is a glass jar, black marker and a glass jar. Have your child choose their rewards that don’t have anything to do with money. Rewards can include extra time watching television, playing with friends or visiting the park. Let your child mark a ping pong ball with different rewards. Place the rewards in the jar for your child to choose when they have completed homework or chores around the house.

Goal Chart

Teach your child how to plan for their future by creating a goal chart. Start with a piece of poster board, and trace your child’s footprint with a marker. Let your child research the Internet for future careers that interest him or her. Write the careers on the footprint. List the steps required to achieve the goal on each toe. Hang the poster on your child’s wall to give them a daily reminder of future goals.


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  1. Great ideas. My youngest is in third & I am always looking for interesting things for him to keep him busy.